Emoticon Stamp

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So many emotions … no words. The perfect relationship!
For grading students in your anime appreciation class, confusing the heck out of your favorite librarian, or simply having the hippest stamp in town, you need the Kaoiro. Although it looks like a standard date stamp at first glance, the dials actually …

Fighting Brick Dictatorship

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Sick of the Noppe? Fight it like this little lego dude!
Download this movie in Full HD: Alles ist die Noppe
– More Random Lego Stuff

Take your Treadmill to the office

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Most Americans already treadmill and work but what about doing something for your fitness while you work blog? Here are some tips to what you have to pay attention to:
A treadmill desk is practical because even low-intensity walking can bring great benefits. With this “fitness furniture,” you can walk …

Headcrab wants to cuddle

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I love when it munches on my face.
So what we have ‘ere is a genuine plush headcrab, straight from the New Mexico desert. Called headhoppers by some, these beauts are one quarter size of the real thing. See the four legs underneath it? The front two are the …

Voodoo Pen Holder

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Not the biggest fan of the knife block version but thought this looks pretty neat and also serves as wireless mobbing of annoying colleagues.
As well as its obvious aesthetic appeal, this remarkable curio is a practical addition to any style-conscious screen monkey’s desk. And because it comes with six …

Pen Cap Pen Holder

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Instant design classic.
Mega versions of little things are always fun. Here’s an everyday pen cap blown up to ridiculous proportions and rendered in fine ceramic. Instead of holding merely one pen, our Uncapped Pen and Pencil Holder allows you to stash ALL your fine …

Blink Sticky LED Art Pad

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An new LED Art out let!
The Sketch-Art LED Art Pad is made of silicon-based, self-healing rubber. Stick the LEDs into the pad, where they connect to the magic board and light up! Design with eight colors of LEDs and the special Artwire, an electroluminescent wire that lights up the …

For your TV PC – Wireless Keyboard + Touch Pad

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This is so awesome – finally you can control you laptop or PC which are hooked up on your TV with this tiny wireless device. I was always wondering how people use their TV PCs … imagined them sitting on the sofa with a keyboard on their laps. BUT …

Desktop Twin Engine

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No ideas what the point is but looks cool for sure! I hope it as nothing to do with Brüno’s pleasure machine.
This is the fully operational, internal combustion V-twin engine that is optimally balanced for minimum vibration and smooth operation up to 1,500 rpm. Made by a German engineering …

Mini Office 2 Go

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Can your iPhone do all that? He? Where is the double sided sticky tape?
Have the right tool or office implement when you need, wherever you need with the All Purpose Office Mini Tool. Just carry it in your pocket or keep it in your desk for easy access. It …

Top 10 Party Tricks

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December is party season. Draw attention to yourself by performing these neat party tricks. Try to nail those tricks otherwise you will receive more attention than you have asked for.
Video Link: Cool Party Tricks
– DVDs for one Dollar

Eye Rolling Clock

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Ach, still in the office? Man, you love sleeping in he? Could only keep it up 2 1/2 minutes … you are a douche bag!
As you can see, this sleek timepiece uses a pair of pupils to indicate the time. Left eye ‘looks’ to the hours, right eye ‘looks’ …

Desktop Mini Popcorn Machine

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Pop those little kernels and make the smell convert your workmates into your little popcorn slaves.
Ideal for parties, and for cosy nights in watching your favourite DVD, this popcorn maker brings the atmosphere of the cinema right into your home, only without the long queues and the slow service …

Hand Grenade USB Stick

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An other little gadget I don’t recommend to take while traveling by plane. Security might freak on you.
Pull the plug and lob your old flash drive out your window (preferably after you’ve backed up the files, but who are we to tell you what to do?). Store your most …

Fridge Locker

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The fungus sandwich bags are one way to keep finger off your food. The fridge locker is more classy though.
We all know the feeling… You’re hungry for the delicious snack and the refreshing beverage that are waiting for you in the fridge. But when you open the door the …

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