The Weird Swim Moment

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Hello from Kuala Lumpur Airport. We left Sri Lanka now after 3 month of excessive traveling behind. During our time we stayed mostly on budget places, guesthouses or homestays. So for our last night we rented this awesome apartment in Colombo. What a treat! We basically relaxed, caught up with …

Scuba Diving Chimp

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James Bond watch out! This chimp will get his on set of Super Agent 007 movies. From the Jungle with love or Goldbanana will be a huge hit and not just with humans. But this chimp already started to have a major superstar attitude. Love how he gets upset with …

Mutant Swim Gloves

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Touch me creature of the sea, touch me!
As you can see, these ultra-durable contoured latex gloves feature webbing between the fingers. Think of them as high tech flippers for your hands. Failing that think of them as rubber gloves that make you look like Abe Sapien from Hellboy. By increasing …

Cat Heart Attack

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Hey kitty don’t drink this chlorine water. It’s not healthy for you! What? You don’t give an F? That’s not nice kitty!!! I’m going to send over the human whale to make your hear and whole body jump just so I can get a good laugh out of it. All …

Glass Pool Table

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Looks awesome – but cleaning it wouldn’t be much fun.
We’re talking premium quality 15mm Monolithic Float glass with exposed polished edges, a lightweight skeletal frame with fully-visible ball-return mechanism, BCA-spec pockets and K-66 bumpers. No, we’re not entirely sure what all that means but the G-1 looks awesome and plays …

Mustang Pool Table

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This auction is presented to you by: Lastminute Auction

A nice touch would have been having a steering wheel in the back so you can easily maneuver is around within the house.
You can now have the most famous American Car in your living room!
Though your "car" has been made a little …

iDuck Speakers

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Plug that player into the egg and you’ll see.
All you need to do enjoy your favourite tunes in the bath is hook up your MP3 player to the distinctly egg-like transmitter (though laying an egg that size would make more than this duck’s eyes water, we’d imagine), leave it …

Pool Sprint: Hard Workout

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This workout must be a pure muscle builder but at the same time good for your joints and keep caps. You need special shoes to use this underwater workout belt.

More info: Pool Sprint
[via: designboom]
– Movie Blog

Solar Pool Heater

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Which makes also a neat DIY solar project in case you don’t want to shell out the dough.
This is the device that heats an above-ground swimming pool using solar power. Extending your swim season while reducing your pool heating costs, it provides 2,500 BTUs per hour, effectively raising the …

My Mother’s Suitcase

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Hey, what is that rastaman doing in my mothers bed?
On Sunday we went to a pretty neat exhibit at the IVAM in Valencia and thought this might interests couple of RGS readers. Blown out of proportion, all white and girls sticking their heads in all of kind of …

Baby Duck Hero

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Well, done! And now save the world.
Video Link: Saving Private Ducklings
– And now save some money

Coolest Hammock

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Swing in style. Now I just work on the a house big enough to fit and with a similar view.
Recipient of Les Découvertes award for innovation and creativity at the prestigious Maison & Objet design show in Paris, this self-suspended hammock is the culmination of 20 years of research …

Giant Whirl In a Pool

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This is the real deal. Once you whirled in the pool you will never go back.
Video link: Real Whirlpool
– Fun Pics

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