Fermentation Pot aka Sauerkraut Maker

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Eating Sauerkraut with Ribs on New Year’s Eve is a tradition in Germany. Supposed to bring luck, health and money. Better getting brewing on that Sauerkraut with that pot!
This 10 liter (2.5 gallon) fermentation pot is beautifully hand crafted in Poland and is essential for pickling and making sauerkraut. Made …

Pot for the lazy Cook

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High cooking with this self stirring pot for lazy cooks. But come on? How lazy can you be?
This is the electric cooker that automatically stirs ingredients, leaving you free to prepare other parts of the meal. A spatula integrated into the bottom of the pot rotates autonomously as food cooks, …

Awesome: Tea Train Kettle

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5 o’clock tea is fun again. Choo, Choo!
This a very unusual tea kittle that I picked up. From the looks of the inside its never been used. Its approxamatley 11 in long,12in tall counting the handle and7in wide. I didnt try it …

Astronaut Tea Pot

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Geeky Hot Tea – loving it!
The Astronaut Tea for Two teapot set is so cute it’s out of this world. This teapot set comes complete with teapot, two cups to share (one large glass cup and one smaller ceramic cup), lid, and strainer. So launch your next tea party into …

Stylish Self-Watering Flower Pots

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There are various self-watering systems out there but this one is is stylish – just plant and forget about watering. Even though for me the best part about owning a plant is watering, talking to them and watch how they grow. It’s like a therapy for me. Hey, did you …

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