Retro Arcade Wristwatch

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Forget Smart Watches! This will get you the attention.

Its face enclosed by a miniature cabinet that bears all the nostalgic design elements of its full-sized forebears (including a non-functioning joystick), this watch pays homage to the space battle games that once lined the walls of arcade parlors.
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Tape To iPod Converter

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Wondering if I could walk around with that setup and play my music all retro style?!
This is the device that converts audio tape cassettes into MP3 files and stores them directly onto an iPhone or iPod touch. It accepts most iPhones and iPod touches, and normal or chrome cassette tapes. …

The Retro Arcade Ponchos

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Wood Laughing Stock!
Turn yourself into a video gaming ghost with our classic Retro Arcade Poncho!  Not only will these great ponchos keep you dry and mud-free, but they’re totally cool looking too!  Great for festivals, outdoor concerts, camping or really just anything outdoors where you could experience some unwanted precipitation. …

The Real Deal Typewriter Keyboard For PC, iPads and Macs

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I posted about a typewriter thingy for iPads not too long ago but this one is the real deal.
The thrill of using a typewriter may be passing from memory, but Jack Zylkin’s groundbreaking innovation brings this mechanical marvel out of retirement and offers a nod to its influence on the …

Clockwork Puzzle

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I could almost say that this clockwork puzzle game has a nostalgic feel to it. Are people still wearing watches? I once I got my iPhone I stopped wearing them. Which got me into trouble couple of times when the phone just froze. I was on a photo assignment and …

Alien Cookie Jar

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Aliens go Om Nom Nom! Looks cool in every apartment and adds instant retro to your place.
Nobody would even dare to steal cookies from our UFO Cookie Jar?  Theses outer space creatures are keeping your cookies safe in their spaceship!  The alien’s eyes even light up to ward off any …

Star Trek Door Chime

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You will have tons of geeks out of your neighborhood ringing it just for the fun of it. The big questions is why we are getting all so shaky about gadgets we have seen like 20 years ago. When I was like 5 years old all the gadgets from Star …

Hair Flipping Retro USB Computer Mouse

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From the times when computers we barely faster than snails.
Do you yearn for that simpler time? This Retro Mouse has all the style of the days of big hair, punk, blue eyeshadow, and leather, but the insides of a fancy optical mouse. It’s compatible with PC or Mac; just as …

Pixel Hate Online Game

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Playing this game will set you into some kind of trance. Man … I’m totally out of breath and I only made it furthest to lever 3! Make sure you shoot all the meteors for upgrading your weapons and to receive other goodies. This game is highly addictive and you …

Super Stylish Retro Vaporizer

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Using this in public would maybe raise a couple of eyebrows but nothing else. Everybody things you just suck on the antenna of your pocket radio.
WISPR Vaporizer by IOLITE is the second generation of Iolite portable vaporizers. Olgesby & Butler has taken the best-selling Iolite and enhanced it. They’ve thrown …

Sixties Orange but Cool Cordless Phone

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If the past is calling don’t pick up, it could be your EX!
Causing the latest outbreak of giddy squeals and badly-executed acrobatics (several members of the Customer Service team are still missing after the human pyramid collapsed) is the Sagemcom Sixty Cordless Telephone. Effortlessly pairing modern functionality with the classic …

Über Cool: Ipad Typewriter

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Travel Guide to Savannah Georgia

Please hold your screeches!
Tablet computing is the way of the future.  But unfortunately for those cursed with normal sized fingers, these technological advancements can become burdensome lifestyle obstacles and usability nightmares. Like many, we have often wished for the convenience of a touch screen interface with …

iPhone Desktop Handset NOT Headset

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I love the mix of retro, design, new tech and silliness.
This is the stand that transforms an iPhone into a more comfortable desktop handset phone. With the handset in one hand, the other can navigate an iPhone’s applications, such as calendars, e-mail, and the Internet. The headset plugs into an …

Lego Wii Controller

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Now we are talking! First step to live in a 100% Lego reality.
The Wii remote has got to be one of the most revolutionary things to happen to home gaming since Mr Atari got busy with a soldering iron. So imagine our excitement when we came across this awesome LEGO …

Tube Wringer

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Looks retro and chic and does good things.
Squeeze up to 35% more out of your household supplies with this forearm and time-saving device designed to make tubes good to the last drop. Squeezing out the last bit of toothpaste can be an unwelcome, time-consuming endeavor, especially when you’re running late …

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