Make A Wish Candle Ring

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You never know what you want to wish for any giving moment of your day.
Sure to be the life of the party, this festive bauble by designer Bettina Nissen keeps a pint-sized candle on hand for spontaneous celebrations. A sweet spin on accessorizing, Nissen gives new light to birthday candles …

Inner Message Ring

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Less irritating than the bone tissue ring.
Inner Message by Jungyun Yoon is a ring with engravings in the  interior that leave an impression on the finger. Yoon was inspired by a Korean song about a man removing a ring he had on for a …

I Heart you Ring

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Perfect for young pretty ladies to give to the older millionaire to be husband.

Your heart rate is one of the four vital signs and this ring makes it incredibly easy to monitor. The infrared technology provides accurate and continuous feedback, whether you’re at work, at play, or at rest. Our …

Yes I do Soundwave Wedding Ring

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Pretty neat idea for a wedding ring. This artist records parts of the wedding ceremony (like the part "Yes, I do!") and lasers a cut out of the sound wave.
More info: sakura koshimizu
–Rings For 1 Dollar

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