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Following The Foot Steps Of Prostitution In The United States Of America

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What rhymes with Mining Towns? Well, yes .. Whores, prostitution and all kind of other skanky stuff like Buffalo Burgers for example. Now guess in what year the last brothels in Wallace, Idaho closed. Well, what do you think? Here is the answer 1988! Woot! So we visited this Bordello …

The Pop-Up Book Of Sex

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Please watch your eyes!
Stimulate your imagination and body–open this book and see what pops up! A scandalously clever tour of the erotic arts, The Pop-up Book of Sex provides a unique perspective on such positions as the classic Missionary, the naughty Mile-High Club, the exotic Lotus, and the whimsical Fantasy. …

Hardcore 3 Way and Hello From Busan

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There is  nothing bad about some good old SFW Porn once in while. Encountered to horny people in the woods when we did a hike to some awesome Beach here in Busan. I just wanted to share some fun posts you WILL LOVE of things we have done so far …

6 Fun Tents – Festival Season Starts Soon

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This will draw a lot of attention at the next festival. Check out the other fun tents below.
Available in a whole heap of jaw-dropping designs, these high quality two-man tents are made in the UK in strictly limited batches. But it’s not all about their eye-poppingly original flysheets because each …

Aphrodisiac Restaurant

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This is the strangest and most funny restaurant menu I’ve ever read. I would never go to a restaurant like this and it really makes me wonder who would. What am I talking about? Well … let me translate for you… these are actual dishes from this erotic restaurant in …

Give the Gift of Sexual Education

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Because telling the bee story is just not doing it anymore! When I was 14 I knew about sexual education than my mom. Kids know what’s going on – no reason to treat them like stupid babies.

19-piece 3D puzzle of the human female reproductive system
Comes complete with stand and …

NSFW: Count Cockula

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This vampire SUCKS!
Count Cockula’s Vampire mouth opening isn’t for the faint of heart. This exclusive Undead pale sleeve color is made from the same patented Real Feel Super Skin material that’s made Fleshlight the #1 selling male sex toy in the world. The amazingly detailed vampire mouth and …

How to always look EXCITED

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They should make those not just for dolls but also for humans! Man!
For those who have the Love Body Aki or Risa dolls, here’s a little something extra for you. This is the Nipplen add on, which can be placed on your Love Body doll for that extra …

Dual Sex Showerhead

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So handy – you come clean out of the shower after acting all sexy. True time saver.
Never freeze again with this double shower head! It’s happened to us all – you’re in the shower with your partner and one of you is freezing, the other boiling!
Perfect for those …

Deep Throat Spray

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The spray for the movie “Inside Deep Throat” ? Numb your senses because the movie kind of sucked?
Comfortably Numb is a flavored desensitizing spray specially formulated to reduce the discomfort associated with oral sex. The refreshing mist contains a mild numbing agent that coats the back of the throat, …

Alt Shift – Online Game

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The first shift game which lets you pick your gender/sex! Girl Power!!!!!
Game link: Alt Shift
– Spanish Vineyard

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

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OMG – the day of giving and receiving love is right around the corner but that also means spring is not far. Which brings us to the fact that mating season needs to prepared.
Here couple of things which could and will help – starting with my favorite love gadget …

Google explains the differences in sexes

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I just typed in following phrases and Google gave my suggestions for what I might be looking for.

Interesting. Google is the best shrink!
– Colored Blowing Bubbles 4 Fun

Gay Attraction Spray @ Amazon

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Suck! I mean if I would have known about this spray when I was younger I would have sprayed and have the men come to me. Instead I thought I was the “only” one. Also good for pranking an uber straight homophobe! You will be in for a good …

One Lucky Sqweel Winner

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Sorry for the delay… meant to  blog the winner of this fantastic sex gadget couple of days ago. So without any further delay … drum roll please…! The lucky winner is:
Jason S.!
The odd thing is that way more male readers took part in this clitoris stimulating giveaway. Good guys …

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