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Don’t forget to Sqweel!

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You got until 28th of this month to win this wonderful, unique and satisfying sex gadget called Sqweel. This is just a reminder in case you missed this RGS giveaway.
More info: Sqweel
P.S. A quick travel update … I’m now half way through my time in the US. Atlanta job went …

Sqweel – Sex Toy Gadget Giveaway

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In an earlier RGS I asked – How many licks does it take? Getting you excited for the revolution in female Orgasm. Here it is:

Did I promise too much? Rotating tongues in a nice and handy design.
World Exclusive! Sqweel ® is a revolution in orgasms! The sensational new patent-pending …

Ladies: A Revolution In Orgasms

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This company sent me an email and asking if I would be interested in checking out their sex gadget. I’m not allowed to mention the name of this revolutionary sex toy before the official launch.
2 days ago I received the package and I must say … BWOAH! Never seen …

Loveland Amusement Park Korea (Semi NSFW)

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LINK: Great Korea Blog
Photo credit: LonelyBob

In South Korea on the island of Cheju also known as honeymoon island is this really bizarre sex amusement park for adults. And I thought Windows of the World in Shenzhen was weird. Also wondering if the penis ice cream had something to do …

1997 Austin Powers Dr. Evil Cryochamber Egg

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This auction is brought to you by Lastminute Auction: Everything One Dollar

Your very own Austin Powers space love shack can be yours now!
Here we have one of the most famous props in the whole Original Austin Powers film featuring the groovy silver CryoEgg from the first Austin Powers film. …

Super Horny Turtle

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Watch out for this turtle it will hump any and or everything which comes it way.
Video: Horny as Fuck
– These prices make you go horny

Sex Panther – Growl!

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Don’t have a date yet for Valentine’s Day? Well maybe you sprinkle some of the fragrance called Sex Panther on your forehead.
According to Anchorman’s Brian Fantana, Sex Panther Cologne is illegal in nine countries. It’s also made with bits of real panther* and works every time 60% of the …

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

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I have been collection couple of cool and new products targeting people in love or people trying to break the ice between you and a secretly loved one. This list will might have the right thing if you are looking for the little odd, unique gift for Valentine’s day. And …

Humping Dog Animated Gif

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This is maybe the best one I have seen right after best fail dog ever. ROFLMAO!
Can’t stop laughing.
– iPhone Killer?
Over 2500 unique products from Japan — click now!

How to clean your ass before anal sex ?

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UK Anal Cleaning Guide here!
If not continue reading here:
You are looking to find information on how to clean your anal (ass, butt, behind, booty) before engaging anal sex.
First off – anal sex is not a bad thing to practice and it is not just a gay thing! But there are …

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