Female Body Shaping 1945

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Over 200 Christmas Gift Ideas

Watching this video really gets me worked up. Gym workout outfits back then are really something else and adding the view of mangled meat … I can’t stop myself. Now seriously – these machines were real safety issues. Just imagine a piece of cloth getting stuck …

A Striptease for the Pope

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Seriously – WTF? This is so creepy, awesome and hot at the same time. Watch the jaw drops in the background. It’s like the greatest Christmas present ever. But I think it’s not fair. Why does the pope get all things great handed to him. Man, watching this video makes …

TSA Pin-Up Girls Calendar

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Whatever works for you SIR! I love it – every day there are new cases of TSA fondle horror stories. The latest one I’ve seen I thought first was fake or that woman was a robot. Also,  I could not believe she was sitting like that just in the middle …

Hot Roller Derby Girls will kick your ASS

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Yesterday I went to see my very first Roller Derby match in Savannah. Yeah – we are trying to do all the touristy things Savannah has to offer but even more exciting to us is are the things we don’t get to see somewhere else. Well, true there many other …

Rubber Cowboy Boots

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Normally I don’t features a lot of fashion on Random Good Stuff but I had to blog these. Just imagining how that real tough cowboy get’s excited because it’s raining. He can’t wait to slip on the rubber cowboy boots to run outside to jump in to one mud puddle …

Pole Dancing Studs

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One wrong slip and you really will see something you never saw before.
– Sporting Goods Awesomeness

Geek Dream Girl

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See more funny videos and funny pictures at CollegeHumor.

Run or embrace … young woman balances books on head while solving Rubik’s Cube and counting Pi to 100 places.
– Movie you won’t forget

Premiere – Lady Gaga and Beyonce in Telephone

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I have to admit – when Lady Gaga appeared the first time I kind of hated her, I just didn’t want to have anything to do with her. Even though she was trying to get my attention anyway she could.
Not too long ago she finally got me to listen to …

Don’t look him in the Eyes!

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My Pathetic Ex-Boyfriend
May I introduce: The 9th reason why woman rather stay single. Jason you almost got me back! But that wedgie at the end? Emm, no!
Video Link: How NOT to get your Girlfriend back
[ via: classic fun]
– Awesome Terminator Factory Sculpture

Kilt Beach Towel

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Draw some attention to you on the beach and a girl might even want to sneak a peek if you let them hang freely or not. Wrap this vibrant tartan towel around you for an instant kilt, complete with sporran and pin! It will also be a hit at …

Human Powered Monorail

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Is Schweeb the way of transportation of the future? Everyone will be in shape, save money and be a happy person? Schweep got my vote and thumbs up.
Video Link: Schweep – Monorail
– Weird canned food

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

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I have been collection couple of cool and new products targeting people in love or people trying to break the ice between you and a secretly loved one. This list will might have the right thing if you are looking for the little odd, unique gift for Valentine’s day. And …

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