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Cosplay And Hello Busan – KOREA \0/

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We left Sri Lanka behind us and we are just completed our first week in Busan. What a difference. We loved Sri Lanka but getting around wasn’t always the easiest and getting hassled by touts got really, really old after a while. No!!! I don’t need a fucking Tuk Tuk! …

G–String Vending Machine

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We were on a day trip exploring the super charming town Cafalù not too far from Palermo. Outside of an café were these vending machines. The usual stuff you can get like bubble gum, toys and other crab and then BOOOOM the 1 Euro G-String Vending Machine. It took my …

Axe Knows How to Celebrate A Sexy Christmas

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Told you though! Good thing it’s cold outside because after watching this video you will be sweating and urging a roll around outside in the snow to cool down. Axe knows how to get you to sweat and by coincidence they have the products to freshen you up again (without …


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More sexy than sex, also an office workout for men. Wondering if I could take these workout thingies on my next long distance flight.
The Sit Fit is designed to be used while sitting. Watch TV or use your computer and get a low-intensity aerobic exercise to help weight loss, burn …


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Move your booty my lady of wet fountain wetness. Now parents watch out – now tons of other women nation wide will do the same at a playground near you. Now you will notice that daddy will now do anything to take the kids to the playground with the water …

Weird Shoe Designs

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The Designer Kobi Levi has truly fantasy. These shoes might not be the most comfortable ones but the will surely draw tons of attention to your feet. Which one is your favorite one? I might go with the dog styled shoes. I have the strange feeling that these shoes are …

Super Hot Sexy Bull Rider

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Not sure how many times she was riding on top of this thrusting bull. She knows every move – she knows where to look and move her hips. Ok – this video almost turned me into a Lesbian or even Straight. Too bad that bull is moving that fast that …

Getting Hot in Here: Sauna Pants

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Nice for sweating in the office. You will sending attractive rays to your colleagues with these pants.
Lose excess water weight fast! The vibrating, 95-160° temperature controlled sauna pants help you quickly lose excess water weight in targeted areas – abdomen, waist, back and hips – through sweat release without leaving …

SEXY: Hot Jeans Underpants

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Mommy will never be the same when she sees daddy wearing these. Hmmm tight!
These tight and chic JeanPants from local clothes brand CUW create a pert denim image perfect for parties, going out or just for when you want to look ready for the world’s excitement. Available in two sizes, …

Female Body Shaping 1945

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Over 200 Christmas Gift Ideas

Watching this video really gets me worked up. Gym workout outfits back then are really something else and adding the view of mangled meat … I can’t stop myself. Now seriously – these machines were real safety issues. Just imagine a piece of cloth getting stuck …

A Striptease for the Pope

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Seriously – WTF? This is so creepy, awesome and hot at the same time. Watch the jaw drops in the background. It’s like the greatest Christmas present ever. But I think it’s not fair. Why does the pope get all things great handed to him. Man, watching this video makes …

TSA Pin-Up Girls Calendar

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Whatever works for you SIR! I love it – every day there are new cases of TSA fondle horror stories. The latest one I’ve seen I thought first was fake or that woman was a robot. Also,  I could not believe she was sitting like that just in the middle …

Hot Roller Derby Girls will kick your ASS

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Yesterday I went to see my very first Roller Derby match in Savannah. Yeah – we are trying to do all the touristy things Savannah has to offer but even more exciting to us is are the things we don’t get to see somewhere else. Well, true there many other …

Rubber Cowboy Boots

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Normally I don’t features a lot of fashion on Random Good Stuff but I had to blog these. Just imagining how that real tough cowboy get’s excited because it’s raining. He can’t wait to slip on the rubber cowboy boots to run outside to jump in to one mud puddle …

Halloween Costume Ideas 2010

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An other year and other Halloween and the always occurring question how to dress up. I’m going to be in the US for Halloween so I did some research on neat, new Halloween costumes and thought I’d share them with you. Still looking for a TEABAG costume!

More info: Sexy …

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