iHuman The Latest Product from That Fruit?

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Or is this more like an iHead (enough) or iShame? On our travels we like to check out a soccer game or two of the country we are spending 91 Days – so yesterday we went to see Palermo play against Fiorentina. Now there we saw something new, this guy …

The invisible Ball

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Too much cocaine?
– 1 Dollar Drugs

Pee Aim Ball

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I’m not a dog! I show you how well I can aim … all over the place!
The discussion regarding who should have to lift or replace the toilet seat, boys or girls is an ongoing battle in many households. The boys want to leave it up and the girls …

World Cup Reactions from Valencia, Spain

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What happened last night was pure magic. I will always remember this night. No, I’m not Spanish but being amongst above and below celebrations will be burned in my memories. It was the first time Spain won the World Cup and they did truly deserve it. The weren’t always …

Fries with your Hamboogers

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German Soccer Coach Eats Booger – Watch more Funny Videos
National soccer trainer Joachim Löw at the recent World Cup soccer match against England going for a DIY snack on the sidelines.
– Almost Free Boogers

The Soccer Scene in the USA in the next 4 Years

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From this:

to this:

What a shame and what a game – This was probably with the best shot for the USA ever to make it very far in a World Cup. But no – there came the Ghana Bomb ( yet again – after the the world cup 2006). We …

World Cup Gadget: Portable TV Projector

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Eeek – the world cup is getting more and more exciting. After the Spain game yesterday the picture I took of David Villa got over 5000 views just yesterday. What a soccer stud and so talented but too bad he is just a foot to small 😉 … oh …

World Cup 2010 Breakout

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Who is also excited for the World Cup to finally begin? It won’t be as sweet like last World Cup in Germany (since we can’t watch any live games in South Africa) but still it’s going to be a blast.
So do you think will win the World Cup …

Electron Boy saves Seattle Sounders

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Man … that was heartwarming.
[via: kickette]
– Neglected Movie Gem: My Flesh and Blood

Pocket Games for when you feel ….

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No! I don’t mean pocket ping pong!
Take the arcade action of your favorite tabletop games along with you. Pocket size games have moveable player rods that work like the original. Clear, lift-off dome keeps game action contained. Fold up legs for easy portability and game puck/ball storage on …

Air Soccer Ball Disc

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It’s like a Roomba without the cleaning function – well kind of. Could see that that disc might be a lot of fun.
Really great indoors on hardwood floors or even low pile carpet, the Air Powered Soccer Disk hovers and glides above most surfaces. Cushioned bumpers bounce off anything …

Greatest 6 Year Old Soccer Player

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Any soccer mom would kill for that little kid. Honestly, I would sell anything I own just to put this kid under my contract.
Video: Soccer Wonder Child
– Silence of the Lambs Hannibal 7-Inch Action Figure

Ripe Drunk Soccer Fan

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Going to see a Valencia game in the soon to be demolished Mestalla stadium – so … note to myself, don’t repeat what that dude is doing in this video but have the video camera ready.
Video Link: Ripe Drunk Soccer Fan
– The Oscars 2009

Sunday Soccer Reddit

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We had a very stormy week here in Spain – 25 people got killed. Valencia got lucky and didn’t get hit as bad but sleeping at night was nearly impossible with all the wind howling. But strong storms doesn’t hold back Valencians from playing their Sunday soccer.
This week I got …

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