The Sound of Frozen Sea

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Listening to this sound while stuck in that on a boat for a week would drive me insane. It has similar effects like the sound of someone running finger nails on a chalk board to me. Horror! I get goose bumps and have a slight urge to puke! Do you …

The Sound of Color

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The concept that sand moves with sound waves in certain patterns is old but this totally blew my mind and will makes me think of sand, sound and colors until the end of the year. I would live to give this table as a gift to myself and I won’t …

This Girl is an Animal Sound Machine – Oink!

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This girl know how to sound like an animal, even though she doesn’t look or smell like one (most of the time) Ok! Fine seriously now – what she does in this video is pretty remarkable. She does some animal sounds better than others but all together I could say …

Seaquence Alien Sound Machine

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The Seaquence is very similar to the recently featured “game” Matrix One on RGS but way more complex. You can create different creatures and pitch different sounds and waves and even connect them with one an other. If you want, share your little creations with us…
Link: Seaquence Alien Sound …

Looping Around The House

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It’s like when the record player get’s stuck but a little smarter and more 2.0ish.
– Neglected Movie Gem: A Moment of Innocence

Halloween 2009 Inspiration

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Last years favorite Halloween products were the Bubble Fogger and the Spider Web Caster. I did some research to present you the latest Halloween goodies to freak our yourself or any random trick or treaters.
Dripping Blood Plastic Tablecover

A totally gruesome tablecover! This plastic tablecover measures approximately 54" high x …

GeoSafari Digital Recording Lab

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For little and big Geeklings!
All the components for these projects are permanently installed on the GeoSafari Digital Recording Lab; all your little ones will have to do is connect them in the proper sequence using the connection wires. The project guide will not only show them the order of …

Bike Moto Horn

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Get your bike motor humming and people jump out of your way.

Rev it up!
Did you ever wish that your piddly little bicycle was a fearsomely noisy motorbike? Course you did. It’s why you stuck spoke-bothering lollipop sticks in your forks and bent your mudguards inside out. ‘Phturrrrrppplll!’ But if …

Yes I do Soundwave Wedding Ring

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Pretty neat idea for a wedding ring. This artist records parts of the wedding ceremony (like the part "Yes, I do!") and lasers a cut out of the sound wave.
More info: sakura koshimizu
–Rings For 1 Dollar

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