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Coolest Medieval Festival and some Horny Piglets

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Usually medieval festivals are pretty lame but the one we went to in El Puig near Valencia Spain was pretty sweet. A part of the town was transformed, and looked like it was back in the day.
Check you more pictures: Medieval Festival near Valencia
They also had a showcase of …

Graffiti Artist

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Pretty neat stunt from this Street Artist from Valencia. He is called Escif and he used to live right in my neighborhood before we moved. I saw his work all over the place.

Link: More Art work from him
– Acta Del Carmen

Castle of Peñiscola – Going Back in Time

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This weekend we took a little daytrip north of Valencia to visit Peñiscola:
About 90 minutes north of Valencia, Peñíscola makes for a wonderful day trip. The layout of the city is crazy… it’s a small island which just happens to be connected to the mainland by a narrow stretch. …

Europe’s Biggest Aquarium

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I happen to live in the City of Valencia which offers Europe’s largest Aquarium (and by the way also has a pretty awesome zoo). I just went for the second time and managed to cut together some neat but long videos.
Link: Videos and Pictures of the largest Aquarium …

City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia, Spain

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Calatrava’s tourist magnet in Valencia is the City of Arts and Sciences, a collection of insanely designed buildings which cost a fortune a day just to maintain.
Never felt like taking tons of pictures of it, since everyone can take great pictures of these buildings. But yesterday I truly felt inspired.
Awesome …

Never seen Fireworks like this before

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I have seen tons of fireworks ever since we moved to Valencia. But what they were showing on Thursday night for the International Firework Festival was just incredible. And they showed things I never have seen before. They shot fireworks off a crane to create a giant fire wheel. …

Valencia Open Tennis 500

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Hello Andy Roddick, hello David Ferrer!!!!
I got accreditation to cover and take pictures of the Valencia Open Tennis 500 for our Valencia Blog:

The event will be the first event held in the fantastic new Calatrava building called Ágora. Which is just breathtaking – you will agree after watching the …

Rodeo in Spain

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First time ever – US Rodeo in Valencia, Spain. Of course we had to go and we had blast. The Spanish brought America the horses and the the Americans are coming back with Rodeo.
Link with more pictures: Rodeo

– Hostels Valencia / B&B Valencia / Hotels Valencia

Bizarre: Oktoberfest in a Bullring

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Valencia is holding it’s very first German Beerfest – the Oktoberfest. Of course we went and it was bizarre. The tent was put up in the center of the bullfight arena. No German Blasmusik but almost as crazy as the real thing.
I’m German and it’s a shame I …

La Tomatina

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La Tomatina T-Shirts

Emm … Yikes. Ok I hate fresh tomatoes. In sauce, cooked, ketch-up, soup, juice no problem but I could never bite into a whole fresh ones. It totally grosses me out. So above festival is a huge NO for me. I’d go and film and take pictures from …

Dogs Fireworks Noise Anxiety Vest

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Before we moved to Valencia we haven’t even heard anything about Fallas. Neither our french bulldog Chucky but she learned fast to hate it. Why? Because of this for example:

But after the second time with Fallas around she kind of got used to the constant firecrackers and she gladly …

Barcelona Gaudi Park – Guell!

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Great Hostels in Barcelona

I have phases sometimes … I take too many pictures and I end up doing nothing with them. Same with the Barcelona pictures which I took 1/2 years when I got hired for photo job in Barcelona. Got some time now, so I thought I should …

War of Flowers

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So much fun. Yet an other bizarre festival here in Valencia. It’s not like Valencia is extremely hit by the crisis, why not throw thousands of flowers! Why not – it makes everyone .. happy!
More Photos: Batalla de Flores in Valencia 2009
– Formula 1 in Valencia

Formula 1 Hype: Michael Schumacher in Valencia

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*Update: Schumacher will be not racing the F1 in Valencia
For our German speaking readers: Tipps zum Michael Schumacher Rennen in Valencia

Photo: Christian Janke
To be honest I’m not the biggest Formula 1 fan but I’m a pretty big fan of the City Valencia. So the news that Michael Schumacher will come …

Campus Party in Valencia 2009

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And I thought I was geeky. So Valencia in that week is host of the fastest internet connection in the world with something like 8,2 GB/s and the result of that are many, many connections to Asia … for some reason:

Wondering why!
Anyway, the full write up is …

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