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A Beard Film (stop-motion)

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I wish it would be that easy to figure out what kind of beard guy you are are – I want a body hair spray to play around not just in my face. Get creative people! But even better would be to apply some kind of cream and never have …

Gold and Silver Bling Food Spray

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Add some vitamin Gold and Silver to you diet.
Tasteless in every sense, this 100% edible spray paint will coat any food you fancy with a layer of gleaming bling. Choose from silver or gold. Brilliant! Simply spray it over your food and tuck in. The result is truly stunning. …

Deep Throat Spray

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The spray for the movie “Inside Deep Throat” ? Numb your senses because the movie kind of sucked?
Comfortably Numb is a flavored desensitizing spray specially formulated to reduce the discomfort associated with oral sex. The refreshing mist contains a mild numbing agent that coats the back of the throat, …

Spray Anti Ice Slip Shoe Spray

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Ladies, hold your handbags even tighter when it’s snowy outside. Robbers might find out about this spray this soon, which would make them unstoppable.
Be better prepared in icy, slippery conditions, and simply spray on some extra traction to the outsoles of your shoes. Youll instantly feel the sure-footed …

Gay Attraction Spray @ Amazon

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Suck! I mean if I would have known about this spray when I was younger I would have sprayed and have the men come to me. Instead I thought I was the “only” one. Also good for pranking an uber straight homophobe! You will be in for a good …

Shit in a Spray Can

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It is what it is. No other word could describe it better.
It’s Poo In A Can! The only really stinky imitation of its kind! Form it into a pile of doo as you spray from the can. Very realistic & smelly! Sure to disgust everyone. 150ml. Must go ground …

Birthday Lesson Learned

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No glitter spray for the birthday child while blowing out candles!
Video Link: Human Birthday Candle
– Cheap Birthday Gifts

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