Only in Amsterdam: Tricycle Stunt In The Red Light District

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I was … well I’m still in Amsterdam (plane leaves this afternoon) and I must admit this city is incredible. Love the canals, the people and the fact that you can enjoy weed. Not saying that I smoke or anything like that but well I’m just saying.
Amsterdam now is …

Wings on Fire

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Now there is an interesting addition to flight shows – yeah why not add some fireworks! I wonder what insurance company insured this spectacular. It just seems a crazy risk to add to these already very dangerous events. Didn’t just two pilots of show planes die within 24hour of each …

Wheelbarrow Craziness

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How to become kings of your school? It’s easy when you can pull off a move like these two acrobats. Flip, jump and look cool at the same time does the trick. Do the same trick at your school and see how your dating calendar will fill up. Just like …

Turkish Knife Dance is no Ballroom Dancing

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Turkish Knife Dance – Watch more Funny Videos
My advice from to you is to kindly refuse when asked to dance the Turkish Knife Dance! It all starts harmless – great food , fun drinking! You might tons of super nice people and then the dance starts. I’d watch but taking …

Pocket Bike Kid

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What a punk! Please someone makes sure he never gets a drivers license
– Punk Bargains

Two Hamsters one Wheel

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No no .. this is totally safe for work! Just two hamsters being married for 15 years.
– Spain HD Videos

Skating Downhill a Mountain Pass

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OMG – I feel sick just from watching. Don’t recommend doing that at home. No, really! Don’t even try.
– 1970 Skateboard Safety Film

Rollerskates on Roller Coaster

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Dude – This effen dangerous. Let’s see how long it takes to bring out a real ride where people go down the roller coaster on rollerskates. Ceder Point HELLO!
Some pics of the stunt:

Images via: fun rides
– Fun Movie Merchandise (new shop)

The Art of Fingering – SFW

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Ever heard of tutting? That’s apparently what the art form above is called. Stunning!
Video Link: Finger Tutting
– Best Picture Nominee That Should Have Won (Instead Of The Actual Winner That Year)

Babies on Rollerskates

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This is the cutest commercial Wondering if it’s fake .. lol!

DIY Popcorn Popping

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I’m very edgy screaming fake but I do love this video. I bet this would impress your date on the first night out.
Video Link: Argentinian Popcorn Maker
[via: Classic Fun]
– Hot Deals

Roof Stunt – Facing Death Easy

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I would do this maybe in a computer game where I know nothing can really happy to me – or something. Just thinking about being up there makes my balls clinch up.
Video Link: Extreme Roof Riding
– Extreme Deals

Bulldozer Tip Toeing

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I wouldn’t be able to do something like this on a bike. The driver probably was training hand / eye coordination via Random Good Stuff Games !
Video Link: Bulldozer Ballet

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