Kitten Riding The Turtle Express

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Cute little kitten! You are so cute and clever but you better put on the seatbelt before the police catches you or you have an accident. And it’s important to learn early to follow the law and all. We surely don’t want to scrape off some Kittensauce from the busy …

Meet me at the Carrot Party

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And yes you are invited too. And besides .. carrots are super good for you. Here are just some health benefits of eating carrots .. apparently beta-carotene will reduce the risk of different types of cancer, lung cancer in particular. This should be already enough reasons to much a carrot …

Baby Bat

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Mommy got too stressed and didn’t want to take care of this little guy. Good thin the Bat Sanctuary took him in and in this footage you can see how they are examination him for the first time Awwww how cute right. But please don’t get rabies and munch on …

Cutest Monster Cookie Jar

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I wouldn’t trust that little monster with my cookies!
If you’re going to get caught with your hand in the cookie jar, you might as well do it UGLY. Now you can relive your favorite Uglydoll snack moments with the all new Uglydoll ceramic Cookie Jar! Cookie jars to hide your …

Happiest Penguin Ever–2011 Here We Come

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Is it the snow, drugs or the upcoming year 2011? Maybe it’s all combined! But one thing is for certain. I never ever have seen a more happy Penguin especially in a Zoo! You little Penguin ROCK and inspire me to be happy even in moments when everything just plain …

Happy Otters Having a Good Time

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Wondering what they are looking at! Nudist? Or probably just some food!
– Super Fun Online Games

Magical Chimp

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This video absolutely made my day. That little fellow understands every single word. Last trick is the best!
[via: The Daily What]
– Stay in a Castle in Ireland

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