Cracked Up Mug

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Evil, evil dishwasher .. oh .. that’s supposed to be like that? COOL!
The Cracked Up Mug is all it’s cracked up to be. If you fall to pieces without caffeine or your morning meeting inspires you to HULK SMASH, this is the mug for you. Even though it looks shattered, …

Going Bald – Sad But True

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The day has come … I have to admit that I’m loosing my hair. I’m 36 and I have to admit that I’m actually got to keep my hair that long. My dad lost his hair before he turned 28! So every extra year I’m grateful for. But I’m over …

Boobie Creamer

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For the coffee and tea drinking babies! Haha! Well more like silly grown ups being super attached to their mommies! This gag gift will make people either gag or laugh or both with will most likely will result into uncontrollable puking. So tea time could turn into a whole different …

Robot Tea Infuser

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Hope this fellow doesn’t get rusty over the winter season.
The Robot Tea Infuser is made of stainless steel. Pop open his chest compartment and load it with your favorite loose leaf tea. Close it up and he’s ready for an invigorating dip in your hot tub mug of scalding hot …

SpillNot Mug

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Be a crazy swinger like this! Just work out then have a neat cup of coffee.
We love our coffee and TeaEarlGreyHot and caffeinated hot chocolate, but if we had a nickel for every time we’ve spilled hot beverage on ourselves, we’d have at least five dollars. Who knew the walk …

Travel Tea Bagger

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I just had my very first Mate and the idea of how I know to brew some herbs is quite different, so is this travel teabag.
Just as the best-tasting eggs come from free-range hens, the best-tasting cups of tea come from leaves that aren’t cooped up inside a stuffy teabag. …

Awesome: Tea Train Kettle

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This auction is brought to you by: Lastminute Auction

5 o’clock tea is fun again. Choo, Choo!
This a very unusual tea kittle that I picked up. From the looks of the inside its never been used. Its approxamatley 11 in long,12in tall counting the handle and7in wide. I didnt try it …

Astronaut Tea Pot

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Geeky Hot Tea – loving it!
The Astronaut Tea for Two teapot set is so cute it’s out of this world. This teapot set comes complete with teapot, two cups to share (one large glass cup and one smaller ceramic cup), lid, and strainer. So launch your next tea party into …

Put a Knot in your Tea Cup

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I hate it when the paper thingy of the tea bag slips into my tea. It’s time to put these teabaggers on a leash.
Tie Tea solves the eternal problem of fishing around for that tea bag that’s inevitably fallen into your cup. Simply tie your teabag to the tab and …

The Tower of Tea

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Combine this with the Power of Tea and you are all set for the winter.
Invite modern design to afternoon tea with this playful Tea Tower. Streamlined and cleverly designed, this all-in-one set brews the perfect, soothing cup without hogging precious counter space. Each piece of the tower–saucer, teapot, mug, creamer …

Thai Iced Tea Spectacle

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Will it taste better when you spin around and pour that Tai tea in an artistic almost acrobatic way? My guess is yes – otherwise he wouldn’t do it! Or is he only doing it to perform a spectacle to attract some tourists to try his pink tea. Talking of …

Pig Mug

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One for each office pig! There are usually many!
Want to brighten up the mood in a mandatory Monday morning meeting? Try using our Piggy Snout Mug! Show everyone you can work and have fun (multitasking bonus!)  It looks like a plain boring coffee mug, but take a sip, and just …

Duct Tape Coffee Mug

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Too bad it’s not really out of duct tape – the smell of it really gets me going in the morning.
he one problem with duct tape is this: it tastes horrible. Don’t ask how we know this. If you try to use duct-tape as, say, a drinking vessel, your …

Tea Making Alarm Clock

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Where is the coffee making / beer brewing / bread baking version of this alarm clock?
This contemporary Teasmade by Swan is an alarm clock and tea maker all in one. Wake up in time, and happy in the morning, with a cup of tea ready to go on your …

Tea Submarine

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Tea Beatles style.
The TeaSub submerges tea leaves to the bottom of your cup, creating the perfect infusion of your favorite brew.

More info: TeaSub
–Amazing Toilet Waterfall

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