Epic Rail Online Game

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Did you dream as a kid to become a train conductor? Your dream job didn’t work out? And you maybe are a little bit happy about it but still got the itch to control trains? Here is the game for you, EPIC RAIL! You have different tasks and try not …

The Never-ending Shopping Cart Train

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Now imagine driving to the mall, it’s the weekend before Christmas! Stuck in a traffic jam forever and you almost lost your nerves and went on a near road rage. But then, you finally find a parking spot and made into the mall! Yeah! But above shopping cart train shows …

Most Amazing Landscapes in the World

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Last week we got back from 3 day jeep tour exploring some of the most diverse landscapes I have ever seen. All these pictures I took on the Uyuni Salt Flats and it’s surroundings. We were very worried at first, we read a lot of crazy horror stories of bad …

Amazing Train Ride: DIY Through the Andes

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Bolivia is really growing on us – we went on a 3 day trekking trip and did a silver mining tour ( I will blog about them later) but the most incredible thing we have done so far is this really bizarre train ride from Sucre to Potosi (the highest …

The Future of Train Travel

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Maybe not as exactly as shown in above video but I always imagined a train which never stops and instead an injection system places the passengers on the train. Just imagine how much time and energy this would save. I do admit that how they do it in this video …

Awesome: Tea Train Kettle

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This auction is brought to you by: Lastminute Auction

5 o’clock tea is fun again. Choo, Choo!
This a very unusual tea kittle that I picked up. From the looks of the inside its never been used. Its approxamatley 11 in long,12in tall counting the handle and7in wide. I didnt try it …

Runaway Train Online Game

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This game is accelerating. Speed up your little train by hitting the up arrow key and hit the breaks by pressing the down arrow key. Several obstacles are trying to slow you down. Naturally the further you get the harder it will be. But no worries – you can play …

Probably Gayest Public Announcement Ever

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Skip to minute 2:04 when he starts speaking English. WHY do you have to sound so gay? Man! Dude … I’m gay myself but don’t sound like this, emmm I hope!
– Penguins Chase Butterfly

Pittsburgh Duquesne Incline

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Welcome to Pittsburgh! After Atlanta I flew to Pittsburgh to meet Mike’s parents and greet Mike arriving to the USA flying in from Valencia. We staying a in neat motel and decided to explore Pittsburgh a little. WOW, I came with no expectations and Pittsburgh scored high. What a neat …

Secret Tunnel in New York City

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I love stuff like this. Did a bunker tour one time in Berlin. It’s like being in a different world.
Video Link: Atlantic Tunnel NYC
More info: The Atlantic Avenue Tunnl
– Awesome Hostel in New York ( with rooftop )

DIY Magnet Train Mini Track

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Give your credit cards a ride of erasure.
The Magnet Levitation Activity Kit is chock full of great things (good for kids and science fairs, but also great for adults) which will help you explore magnetism. You’ll learn about magnet properties and strength. You’ll build a magnetic pendulum and observe …

Home Sushi Train

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I’d love to have my own Sushi belt with cook but for starters … this train would do it too.
A replica of the N700 series Shinkansen, the Sushi Train and Game allows you to play with trains while you play with (and eventually eat) your food! The included controller …

Love Train – Tschu, Tschu

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Too bad Ben is gay and he just wanted to know what shade of lipstick she was wearing.

Magic Pen 2 – Choo Choo

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The first Magic Pen Game on Random Good Stuff was already a huge popular hit. Do you like Magic Pen 1 or 2 better?
Game Link: Magic Pen 2
– Fallas Hotel

Put a smile on a child’s face: The Hand Crank Locomotives

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Add some extra tracks and your child could hand crank themselves to kindergarten.

Each of the two included locomotives is made from cast aluminum with stainless-steel crank handles, and supports a single child up to 100 lbs. Minimal effort is required of children as they crank, so each train glides easily …

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