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  • Getting Attacked By A White Tiger

    Getting Attacked By A White Tiger

    You should be happy that I didn’t squeal in this video! Zoos are such a touchy topic. On the one hand it’s horrible to keep these wild animals locked up and away from their natural habitat. But on the other hand how do you make kids and adults believe that these animals really exist and […]



    It’s official our Saigon Travel Blog is now online. We’re here now for 2 weeks and we absolutely are loving it. The time just flew by like nothing. Every single day is packed with so many incredible impressions. It’s exhausting but a lot of fun. Every single night we fall half dead into our beds. […]

  • Tokyo The Crazy, Unexpected & Weird

    Our stay Tokyo is a while back but since we’re taking a break from traveling I finally have some time to go through all the video footage I took in those 3 month. And seeing some of this footage underlines what I always thought of this city: Tokyo The Crazy, Unexpected & Weird And that’s […]

  • 3 Month In Tokyo In A 10 Minute Video

    Tokyo wore us out but at the same time we loved every second of our 91 Days in this mega city. Every day we would leave our super tiny apartment right after rush hour (since we didn’t feel like traveling like sardines) and went to see something and then spend the rest of the day […]

  • Cow Milking Robot

    This picture above is actually not the cow milking robot but a cow spa brush. The cow can decide whenever it wants a little back scrub, to just go over to the brush. Sensors detects the animal with an itch and starts brushing away. The same applies for when the cow wants to get milked. […]

  • Meet Animals While Traveling

    Sadly the amount of wild animals are decreasing fast due to us humans. So I really value the chances we had during our travels to encounter some interesting animals (many of them are not too wild). The most wild animals we probably saw was in Sri Lanka. There we saw snakes, giant fruit bats, monkeys, […]

  • The Most Popular Videos I’ve Uploaded To Youtube

    I uploaded my first video to Youtube probably 6 years ago and now I’m well over 800 videos. Most of them are probably not worth watching but I was able to capture couple of gems. Our travel blog definitely helped to create this list of my most popular videos. Drum roll now, my most popular […]

  • Cute Cats And Kittens Hunter – Around The World!

    My obsession with photographing and filming cute cats and kittens probably started during our 3 months in Istanbul. Istanbul’s streets are loaded with stray cats but the city and the people of each neighborhood are taking great care of the animal. So it’s not surprising that the cats there are having great relationships with humans. […]

  • Amazing Architecture From Around The World

    Our street food from all over the world video has been a great success so now I compiled a video with amazing architecture from around the world. Around The World We Went These are some of our most favorite buildings we spotted while exploring the globe for our travel blog. You’ll see new and historic […]