10 Weird Museums From Around The World

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During our 4 years of being in different places around the world for our Travel Blog, we have seen some bizarre museums. From gross to fun! There are many other museums we haven’t seen yet. Which one should we add to our list?
#1 Under Water Museum …

R2-D2 Rolling Suitcase

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Security, crew and everyone on your flight will love you if you travel with this carry-on luggage.

The Star Wars R2-D2 Carry-On Luggage is the best carry-on bag you could ever hope for. As R2-D2 protected Luke, so will this Star Wars R2-D2 Carry-On Luggage protect your underwear, shirts, socks, toothbrush, …

Flight From Boston To Charlotte

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Now, there is a flight I will never forget in my life. We just finished our For 91 Days In Iceland and where on our way to see Family in Ohio. We had an overnight in Boston and had to get up super early for our first leg, Boston to …

Where Was I? And Where Am I?

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What a ride! The last couple of month just have been crazy and fueled with crappy internet. But I’m back for now and posting again regularly on Random Good Stuff. We are currently in Iceland about out to publish our For 91 Days In Iceland blog but if you are …

Emergency Camping Energy Generator For USB

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Ohh. This is perfect when we are next time stuck in the jungle!!!
Whether you live in an isolated area, love camping or feel a strong urge to prepare for a zombie apocalypse, you need a way to cook your chow. Thanks to its unique design, the BioLite Camping Stove can …

New York City Photos

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I’m way behind posts I wanted to publish on Random Good Stuff! I’m finally gotten around to touch a up a bit the New York Photos from our trip there in December! Horrible. Get ready from some Christmas themed New York Photos. But mostly you will get some awesome and …

Trailing Of The Sheep Festival In Idaho

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Now everyone heard of the festival …. RUNNING WITH THE BULLS! You don’t have to cross the Atlantic to have an encounter with wild running animals. Just visit the Trailing Of The Sheep Festival in Idaho. Fascinating landscapes, great food, fun folklore and music and of course sheep! When we …

4 Hours At Yellowstone Park

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I have lived in the USA for over 3 years, visited it many times and saw most of the major cities of it. We are out west now and I have to admit I’m blown away! A United States I knew exists but could never comprehend it’s sheer beauty. I’m …

Morphing Soldiers

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Look at this Eye Candy! All that without any cheap computer tricks but the work of precise humans. Now little soldier, focus and concentrate because you don’t want to be the one who messes up this performance. Not sure what would happen to that soldier. Just so you know that …

Next Stop Boise, Idaho

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Photo credit: nick
Time flies! Man! It has been now one month since we arrived in Busan. We just published our self-interview asking ourselves about our impressions here. One month also marks when we decide on our our next 3 month stop for our travel blog. Decisions are made and we …

Super Cute Turtle Babies

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We are on our last two days Sri Lanka. I just can’t believe how fast time goes by. I will be blogging about our Sri Lanka highlights shortly but for now I would like to draw your attention to those super cute baby turtles. We visited one of the hatcheries …

Visit Chicago

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I have been to Chicago couple of times and love my visit every single time. The last time we were there we did the Architectural Boat Tour and had a blast. I could totally see us staying there for 3 month for our For 91 Days Travel Blog. The video …

Our Next Stop: Busan – South Korea

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Photo Credit: United Nations Photos
We are now almost 1 1/2 month now in Sri Lanka and are loving every minute of it. Time really flies by here and we had to decide on our next 91 Days so we can sort things out for next destination. So we chose Busan. …

Crosswind Landings

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I love flying, well let’s say I used to love flying. Somehow between my first flight and currently flying “the magic” about traveling by plane has gone or better said flown far far away. It’s just too much hassle and pain. Flying these days is only fun if you can …

Bed Bug Cocoon

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Thanks to our travels we are sleeping in all kinds of different beds, the bed bug cocoon does look cozy but not sure if I’m a cocoon kind of guy.
This portable sleeping cocoon is made specially woven fabric that is impervious to bed bugs. The sleeping cocoon’s tightly wound polyester …

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