Zombie Treat: Giant Gummy Brain

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But only for good behaved zombies! You behave you get a treat!
Guaranteed to give anyone the heebie jeebies, this life-sized(ish) cranium makes a brilliant centrepiece at your Halloween party, or tasty accessory to a zombie outfit. Crammed with more calories than we care to think about, this bubblegum-flavoured behemoth weighs …

Peelable Ice Cream Popcicle

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If you believe it or not, this is a peelable popcicle. At first you take a small bite from the top, then your can peel down the four sites before you can suck on that juicy, yummy lucking ice treat. As far as I can tell from the the pics, …

This Squirrel goes Nuts

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Am I drunk, still sleeping or inhaled too much thin air here in Bolivia? All three? Maybe but this squirrel obstacle course is for real. This little goes nutz for nuts and manages this insane obstacle course for a little treat. Built me a human obstacle course and present me …

Birthday Cakes for Dogs

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Can’t believe that our doggy turns 9 next month – she is turning into an old lady and the sad thing is, French Bulldog don’t get much older than 12! I think she deserves one of those pup-pies on her big day. Especially after that Trans-Atlantic – after Mike got …

Goat will do anything

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Crazy Old Goat – Watch more Funny Videos
This goat goes crazy for more goat treats…. snort!
– Collection of awesome pools from around the world

Weird Candy: Gummy Bacon

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Hmm! Better or worse than real bacon?
Gummy Bacon is a great way to scare folks. Here’s how: take some out of the package when no one is looking, cover them in plastic wrap, and wait in your office kitchen. Then, when folks come in, take a strip out, lament …

The First Cuddle Punishment

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Naughty thing – go in the corner and don’t stop cuddling unless the time is up!!!

Use the built in timer for time-outs when they’re naughty, but also for rewards ("Sit quietly for 15 more minutes and mommy will read you an extra bedtime story"), setting limits ("Only 30 minutes of …

BonBon Bunny – Trick or Treat Online Game

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No idea why they would do Trick or Treating one Day before Halloween in the small town where I’m here in OH but it was fun. Great fall sunset and tons of kids dressed up like .. MOOOOOONNNNSSSTEEEEERRRS.
BonBon Bunny is a sticky and fun jump and run game.
Play BonBon …

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