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  • Is This How We Talk About The Blockchain Currently?

    And the Blockchain technology is already a decade old but when I talk about it, it feels like I talk like the people in this video talking about the World Wide Web. Hey man, that’s why we got this blockchain. You can do all kinds of cool things with it, it’s all open and stuff […]

  • At One Point The Make-Up Has To Come Down

    A horror movie couldn’t be more terrifying than this. I don’t mind make-up but watching these video where girls take down their art confuses me so much. It totally messes with my mind, so I keep jumping before the after but something just doesn’t make any sense. But at the same time I’m deeply impressed […]

  • The Flight Of The Dragon Drone

    Seeing these interlinked drones in this video totally opened my horizon what I think of drones in general and what they will become in the near future. It’s so controlled and flexible. Seeing how it can maneuver through small spaces. It would be interesting to see the dragon drone in real life situation, reacting to […]

  • Vortex Rings Will Blow Your Mind

    Vortex Rings Will Blow Your Mind

    To be honest, I have no idea what I’m looking at here. A Vortex? What? But what I do know, watching these two different colored vortex rings collide and perfectly match up, is the most satisfying thing I have seen a in a long time. Science, force and math creating this beautiful outer ring, changing […]

  • Raven As A Pet? Watch This First!

    Looking to get a pet? Many apparently think of just going out to the nature and finding themselves a Raven is a good idea. This guy has one as a pet and he’s brutally honest what you’re going to expect once this bird is in your household. You can see that he loves Sam, his […]

  • The Seagull Teaser

    Meet this seagull teaser extraordinaire. And the seagulls get everything what they asked for, for their greed. Always snatching away our human food and pooping everywhere and being so noisy. If I would have been this guy dude though I would also have brought the windshield wipers and the horn into play as well. Even […]

  • Power Saver Mode Propeller Airplane

    I absolute love these kind of videos where the camera speed is synced to the speed of the the airplane propeller so it looks like the propellers are not moving, even though they’re. And this example below is one of the best ones I’ve seen. Next time I I’m flying in one of those machine […]

  • Babies Stand Straight Up: The Baby Whisperer

    We all heard of a horse or even dog whisperer but what? A baby whisper. He’s teaching parents a spine strengthening technique they can do with their babies to make them stand on his palm or a cork board. Other doctors are very surprised that he’s able to stimulate their baby spines like that. See […]

  • The Bubble Homes Of The Netherlands

    The Bubble Homes Of The Netherlands

    If I would be single I would totally love living inside one of these houses of the bubble colony in the Netherlands. I would love to hang out, chill, look out of the window over the other bubbles homes and blow bubbles all day long. They were build by Dries Kreijkampx and artist and sculpture […]