Germany – Heidelberg And Gay Weddings

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FRIENDS! I’m back. I’ve been away from Palermo for over 2 weeks. The first week we spent in Germany and the other week I went to Orlando for a photo job (Orlando pictures will be posted tomorrow or so). Being back in Germany, in my hometown was tons …

This Bride is MINE!

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It’s more than clear who the Alpha Dog is in this video – Groom better marks over it otherwise the wedding nights gets very very confusing and messy. This actually would have made it even much much better video and your guests would clearly talk about your wedding for years …

Wedding Fail: Photographer takes a Bath

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I did my share of wedding photography and I’m totally feeling with that photographer. The worst moments for me was one time I forgot to load film when the couple exchanged rings.
Just kidding … haha!
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Forever Wedding Entrance

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At first I was like whatever instead of forever. Thought you kids will be embarassed of you but then I thought it was pretty sweet. Come pretty close to the Baby Got Back Wedding Dance.
Video Link: Awesome Wedding Entrance
– What is Fallas?

Robotic Wedding Couple

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I think after photographing my 16th wedding I kind of got sick of weddings and I had to stop. It was good money but I just couldn’t take it anymore. If Mike and I every decide to celebrate in big style our union I think we just have these robots …

I Heart you Ring

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Perfect for young pretty ladies to give to the older millionaire to be husband.

Your heart rate is one of the four vital signs and this ring makes it incredibly easy to monitor. The infrared technology provides accurate and continuous feedback, whether you’re at work, at play, or at rest. Our …

Yes I do Soundwave Wedding Ring

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Pretty neat idea for a wedding ring. This artist records parts of the wedding ceremony (like the part "Yes, I do!") and lasers a cut out of the sound wave.
More info: sakura koshimizu
–Rings For 1 Dollar

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