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  • Just Trying To Help Selling Candy

    It’s either the one of the worst things I’ve ever seen on the internet or the most genius reverse effects candy marketing campaign. Trale Lewous just wants to help to see candy by making his own commercial which includes Butterfinger and Twizzlers. But then comes the rather upsetting letter from them Twizzlers – so everything […]

  • Opossum Banana Mass Feeding

    How does an opossum eat banana? Ever wondered, cared? Well, watch the video and then you know. Feel happy that this pressing question got finally answered? The problem for me personally now, it raises new and ore questions. How does an an opossum eat a kiwi, carrot, mango, cucumbers, beef jerky? I need to find […]

  • Corn On The Cob Baseball Bat Holders

    I love products when they bring true value to something or make a thing easier. Eating corn on the cob is not the easiest and will leave you with greasy fingers (especially if the corn was well buttered, the way it should be). This baseball bat corn holders are one of the coolest things I’ve […]

  • Order Clear Coca Cola From Japan

    For some reason I can’t deny this feeling that Coco Cola just forgot to add the artificial coloring and is trying to get rid of the messed up badge. But then on the other hand this makes an incredible collectors items and I can see scoring one of those Coca Cola Clear bottle would be […]

  • Put The Galaxy Where Your Mouth Is: Planet Lollipops

    Have a big bang your mouth and suck one of those galaxy lollipops. In theory a fun sweet but to be honest I’m not a big fan of hard candy. It just makes me think about how the sugar will rott my tooth so I always go for a taste of it and then spit […]

  • Dehydrate Them All – Yummy Kiwi Snacks

    Some of you know that I’m a grower and I always wondered about one of those if they’re suitable to dry my harvest with them. I’ve remember reading that it’s not really suitable for it. But it would be incredible, drying my harvest and than making healthy, yummy munchies right after. The perfect multi-use device […]

  • Coolest Pokemon Lunchbox

    Coolest Pokemon Lunchbox

    Got to eat the all! Never miss a lunch again with this super awesome and handy looking Poké Ball lunch box. Now you won’t get beat up because people are jealous of your bento lunch but now people will beat you up so they can just carry your lunchbox for you. And in case you […]

  • Cold Plate Ice Cream Rolls

    If this wouldn’t be so much of counter waste I would totally install one of those ice plates into my kitchen. Fresh, healthy and homemade Ice cream every single day and the neighbors get a good share of your rhythm! In this video you see coconut – banana ice cream being made. Not sure where […]

  • And This Is How You Pop Rice

    And This Is How You Pop Rice

    Did you know that you can pop rice, similar how you would pop popcorn. The trick though is not to burn the rice due to the heat. Corn has more forgiving but rice burns up within a second if you’re not careful. That’s why they’re popping the rice in hot sand while steering. It’s almost […]