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  • First Row Wale Splash

    Just imagine you’re on the boat and were fondling inside your camera bag. Looking down and searching for your zoom lens and this happens and you totally missed it. Oh man I would be so angry, missing to take the picture of my lifetime. And that dude behind you got it on video via his […]

  • The Afterbirth Of An Old Steam Locomotive

    It looks like these people have been sitting at the closed train track crossing for a while but at the end they get rewarded with a nice surprise, an old locomotive is bursting out of the tunnel which seems to be on a scenic ride for tourists and locals alike. Oh how fun – not […]

  • MUST HAVE: Floating Wine Glasses

    Where were these when we went on our last beach vacation? But on the other hand maybe it’s better not to have these floating wine glasses with you, otherwise the vacation turns into a boozecation. A vacation should be there to relax and have fun (and drink a little bit) but with these glasses I […]

  • Star Wars Death Star Tent

    Geek out while you sleep out with this Star Wars Death Star Tent. I’m pretty sure that you always dreamed of crawling into the Death Start to for a round of sleep but let’s keep the fingers crossed that the Death Star is not going to get blown up in the middle of the night. […]

  • Super Cute Unicorn USB Fan

    Now everyone I want you to say AWWWWWWWW with me. One, two three and…… Anyways, peak summertime temperatures are ahead and I doubt there is any cuter way to dry your sweat than this unicorn USB fan. Plug in and enjoy the refreshment. You can also take it with you on the subway, just bring […]

  • Power Saver Mode Propeller Airplane

    I absolute love these kind of videos where the camera speed is synced to the speed of the the airplane propeller so it looks like the propellers are not moving, even though they’re. And this example below is one of the best ones I’ve seen. Next time I I’m flying in one of those machine […]

  • A Pretty Light Traffic Day In Taiwan

    A Pretty Light Traffic Day In Taiwan

    We’ve experienced some, let’s say, heavy traffic in Ho Chi Minh City but this moving sea of Scooters in Taipei is something else. Just imagine though all these people would have personal cars, the streets would totally collapse. Now get mesmerized but this video below:

  • Armchair Travel Puzzle Slider

    Armchair Travel Puzzle Slider

    Don’t waste your hard earned money for airplane tickets and hotels. You can now travel the world from the comfort of your home. Puzzle your way around the world. Our new puzzle app features thousands of travel photos from our travel project For 91 Days. Every time you solve a puzzle you’ll receive a paragraph […]

  • Cold Plate Ice Cream Rolls

    If this wouldn’t be so much of counter waste I would totally install one of those ice plates into my kitchen. Fresh, healthy and homemade Ice cream every single day and the neighbors get a good share of your rhythm! In this video you see coconut – banana ice cream being made. Not sure where […]