Tag: Animals

  • Dog Snoot Challenge

    There seems be a challenge for everything these days. The latest is the Dog Snoot Challenge where you form this little circle with your hand. Which in other countries can be very offensive if pointed towards a person. The dog doesn’t care and it triggers for some reason an instinct to place there nose inside […]

  • First Row Wale Splash

    Just imagine you’re on the boat and were fondling inside your camera bag. Looking down and searching for your zoom lens and this happens and you totally missed it. Oh man I would be so angry, missing to take the picture of my lifetime. And that dude behind you got it on video via his […]

  • Make A Bumble Bee Your Pet

    Thinking of it, I haven’t seen any Bumble Bees in a long time. But if you come across one you can make the little Bumble Bee your pet friend by putting some honey on your hand and transferring it from a flower to your hand. That little insect will be in such a honey rush […]

  • Opossum Banana Mass Feeding

    How does an opossum eat banana? Ever wondered, cared? Well, watch the video and then you know. Feel happy that this pressing question got finally answered? The problem for me personally now, it raises new and ore questions. How does an an opossum eat a kiwi, carrot, mango, cucumbers, beef jerky? I need to find […]

  • And This Is How A Giant Sea Cucumber Poops

    Hope you weren’t eating anything! If you did, I’m sorry! Not sure why this video got my attention, was it the giant cucumber or the pooping part? Probably because of both. I’m tell you, I don’t care at all how this or that animal poops, except for an Ostrich (don’t google it, just don’t), but […]

  • Goat Fruit Tree In Morocco

    I wonder if these goat fruits are already ripe and ready for picking or if they need another week or two. I don’t want those goat fruits to taste bitter. 🙂 All jokes aside, I hope these goats know that there is no reason for them to climb that tree, I doubt they’re many floods […]

  • Cute Sheep Pin Holder

    What a clever and cute way to store pins. I do feel a bit bad about the sheep but I think the sheep should see it more like a free acupuncture treatment, for it’s aching back. Jokes aside, this would look cool in every office but make sure to place the pin back otherwise loosing […]

  • This Frog Had A FireFly For Dinner

    I would be in full panic if people could see exactly what I had for dinner by looking at my belly or face. It’s nobody else’s business. This is exactly what happend to this little frog, he swallowed a firefly and everyone can see it. How come? Well, see for yourself via video below. Have […]

  • Holy Grab – The Pet Eat’s A Banana

    People hold all kinds of animals as their pets but a grab? Seriously? Cuddle up with your grab, teach the grab some tricks and let it clip off your little finger. Yeah, that sounds like the perfect pet. But then on the other hand, it’s so darn cute how this one eats that banana. Grabs […]