Tag: Cute

  • That Happiness Boy

    OMG – poor little kid you’ll feel so unhappy seeing this online, when you’re older. It will turn the happy penis to an unhappy penis. This very short clip is just too funny and cute and what are the chances that he can’t pronounce this word, turning it into something totally different. Imagine the parents […]

  • Make A Bumble Bee Your Pet

    Thinking of it, I haven’t seen any Bumble Bees in a long time. But if you come across one you can make the little Bumble Bee your pet friend by putting some honey on your hand and transferring it from a flower to your hand. That little insect will be in such a honey rush […]

  • Opossum Banana Mass Feeding

    How does an opossum eat banana? Ever wondered, cared? Well, watch the video and then you know. Feel happy that this pressing question got finally answered? The problem for me personally now, it raises new and ore questions. How does an an opossum eat a kiwi, carrot, mango, cucumbers, beef jerky? I need to find […]

  • Goat Fruit Tree In Morocco

    I wonder if these goat fruits are already ripe and ready for picking or if they need another week or two. I don’t want those goat fruits to taste bitter. 🙂 All jokes aside, I hope these goats know that there is no reason for them to climb that tree, I doubt they’re many floods […]

  • Corn On The Cob Baseball Bat Holders

    I love products when they bring true value to something or make a thing easier. Eating corn on the cob is not the easiest and will leave you with greasy fingers (especially if the corn was well buttered, the way it should be). This baseball bat corn holders are one of the coolest things I’ve […]

  • Walking Barefoot In Grass Flip-Flops

    Walking barefoot is so healthy but if you’re living in a city it’s not that easy, can be gross or could even harm your health. Now you got them greens under your toes wherever you walk with this Grass Flip-Flops! All plastic of course so you don’t have to water these “shoes” but definitely a […]

  • Super Cute Cat Tea Cup Including A Strainer

    You hate coffee in the morning and don’t really care for dogs but you do love everything cute (well of course puppies as well) then this pink tea cup which comes with cat ears and tails is for you. And the built in strainer will make sure that no nasty herbs will get into your […]

  • Cute Cat Tissue Box – MEOW From Japan

    Allergies making you suffer and feel miserable? You feel tired from wearing the Allergen Mask which we posted the other day on Random Good Stuff? Well, let us make you feel a little better with this cute cat tissue box from Japan. That of course only applies and works if you’re NOT allergic to cats! […]



    It’s official our Saigon Travel Blog is now online. We’re here now for 2 weeks and we absolutely are loving it. The time just flew by like nothing. Every single day is packed with so many incredible impressions. It’s exhausting but a lot of fun. Every single night we fall half dead into our beds. […]