Tag: fun

  • Construction Worker Folding Wood Ruler Puzzle

    I was extremely fascinated with these wooden, folding rulers. I loved extending them in different ways, fully extending them and building little constructions with it. I had a blast and yes, I was super easy to entertain as a kid (things changed though). Now I could starting to play with this ruler puzzle again without […]

  • Hand Made Knitted Brain Hat

    Dude, you can’t imagine how I felt when I found out these were handmade and not axe or machete made. Phew! Someone dodged that bullet and didn’t get their skull open, so someone can sell brain hats. I have faith in humanity again. Too bad it’s one of the hottest summers in a while in […]

  • Drink Your Beer From An Ice Mug

    Do you like your beer ice, ice cold? Then the Ice Mug Mold is for you! But there are some things you should pay attention to. You need cloves with spikes otherwise you’ll get freezer burn on your hands and without spikes the mug would just slip out of your grip. And you need to […]

  • HellRaiser Black Balloon Performance Art

    Please, please, please! Don’t ask me what’s going on in this video. How did this guy end up in box, wearing a Hellraiser facial mask, blowing away black balloons but eventually failing to keep them away from him. And then of course they pop, right in front of his face. Is it a fetish? Doubtful […]

  • Marshall Tour Fridge

    If your papa is a rolling stone, then this fridge is clearly for you! This fridge looks like a Marshall amplifier, with buttons, mesh and all. But little do people know who are not in on the secret, it’s a fridge, providing cold beer for before, during or after the concert. Besides on the stage […]

  • Goat Fruit Tree In Morocco

    I wonder if these goat fruits are already ripe and ready for picking or if they need another week or two. I don’t want those goat fruits to taste bitter. 🙂 All jokes aside, I hope these goats know that there is no reason for them to climb that tree, I doubt they’re many floods […]

  • Super Cool SPOCK Wireless Earbuds

    Spock, is calling! How do you answer the call? With these Vulcan themed wireless earbuds, of course. And there is no other allowed way, did you hear me. Oh you did – of course … with this huge ears you must hear everything. So as a hardcore Star Trek Fan, would you where those out […]

  • This Japanese Slide Is Not For Beginners

    For this slide you need to have a butt out of steal but maybe that’s the reason why this guy could gain that much speed in the first place. Maybe he has a Superconductor Butt? But the video below proofs, you need to be half of a stuntman or a very experienced slide slider with […]

  • Corn On The Cob Baseball Bat Holders

    I love products when they bring true value to something or make a thing easier. Eating corn on the cob is not the easiest and will leave you with greasy fingers (especially if the corn was well buttered, the way it should be). This baseball bat corn holders are one of the coolest things I’ve […]