Tag: Funny

  • Strangest iPhone Case: The Spray Bottle

    This must be the strangest iPhone Case ever, a case in a form of a spray bottle. The question is why would anyone want to dress up their iPhones in a spray bottle? But apparently there is a market for it, otherwise they would not produce this kind of case. I took a closer look […]

  • That Happiness Boy

    OMG – poor little kid you’ll feel so unhappy seeing this online, when you’re older. It will turn the happy penis to an unhappy penis. This very short clip is just too funny and cute and what are the chances that he can’t pronounce this word, turning it into something totally different. Imagine the parents […]

  • Popek – The Pooping Pink Balloon Dog

    I feel simultaneously amused and ashamed for liking this pooping, pink, balloon dog sculpture so much. The little touch of the balloon ending of the pile of poop just cracks me. Am I the only one liking it or am I just easily amused? But there are limits though, for example I would never, EVER […]

  • This Japanese Slide Is Not For Beginners

    For this slide you need to have a butt out of steal but maybe that’s the reason why this guy could gain that much speed in the first place. Maybe he has a Superconductor Butt? But the video below proofs, you need to be half of a stuntman or a very experienced slide slider with […]

  • This Frog Had A FireFly For Dinner

    I would be in full panic if people could see exactly what I had for dinner by looking at my belly or face. It’s nobody else’s business. This is exactly what happend to this little frog, he swallowed a firefly and everyone can see it. How come? Well, see for yourself via video below. Have […]

  • Is This How We Talk About The Blockchain Currently?

    And the Blockchain technology is already a decade old but when I talk about it, it feels like I talk like the people in this video talking about the World Wide Web. Hey man, that’s why we got this blockchain. You can do all kinds of cool things with it, it’s all open and stuff […]

  • Instagram Worth: The Shark Float

    Or should I rather say @steepshot / @appics worthy. Either way this shark float makes a great picture and turns every pool party into a shark attack and and picture taking frenzy. They should also include 5 gallons of fake blood to make it eve more fun. Or what about a reenactment of Jaws? From […]

  • Holy Grab – The Pet Eat’s A Banana

    People hold all kinds of animals as their pets but a grab? Seriously? Cuddle up with your grab, teach the grab some tricks and let it clip off your little finger. Yeah, that sounds like the perfect pet. But then on the other hand, it’s so darn cute how this one eats that banana. Grabs […]

  • The Seagull Teaser

    Meet this seagull teaser extraordinaire. And the seagulls get everything what they asked for, for their greed. Always snatching away our human food and pooping everywhere and being so noisy. If I would have been this guy dude though I would also have brought the windshield wipers and the horn into play as well. Even […]