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  • Shooting Macro Has A Whole New Meaning With This Probe

    When I first watched the video below, I thought FAKE! This can’t be for real. How is this possible? But it turns out, it is legit and these images you see are really taken by the probe, shooting out of that camera. This will open up an entire new genre in Photography. It’s not just […]

  • The One And Only Coffee Smell Alarm Clock

    There is something with mornings and the smell of coffee. Just the scent of it wakes you right up. This probably was the though of the makers of the first one and only coffee scent alarm clock. Instead of an alarm sound the smell of coffee will awaken you from your slumber. You can also […]

  • Super Cool SPOCK Wireless Earbuds

    Spock, is calling! How do you answer the call? With these Vulcan themed wireless earbuds, of course. And there is no other allowed way, did you hear me. Oh you did – of course … with this huge ears you must hear everything. So as a hardcore Star Trek Fan, would you where those out […]

  • How To Detect Stinky Armpits

    I would say the easiest, fastest and cheapest way to detect if you have stinky armpits is by lifting up your arm to take a sniff off the armpit in question. Voila, if it stinks you got stinky armpits. But Japanese of course would never sniff armpits in public, so they have a detector for […]

  • MicroBot – Smart Button Pusher

    I don’t know what it is but this smart button pusher presses all kinds of my buttons It’s kind of funny, silly and but year useful. The MicroBot claims to turn dumb gadgets into smart gadgets, triggering a button push via the timer or wifi. I’m trying to come up with some useless usages for […]

  • Super Cute Unicorn USB Fan

    Now everyone I want you to say AWWWWWWWW with me. One, two three and…… Anyways, peak summertime temperatures are ahead and I doubt there is any cuter way to dry your sweat than this unicorn USB fan. Plug in and enjoy the refreshment. You can also take it with you on the subway, just bring […]

  • Giant Arcade Machine – Feel A Like Baby

    Giant Arcade Machine – Feel A Like Baby

    I’m not going to tell you how much this giant arcade machine costs, for that you have to click on the link below to find out. But I’m going to tell you that this is something for people who already have everything and for people who live in gigantic homes. That’s not us 🙁 Giant […]