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  • This Kid Is A Ukulele Superstar

    The rise of the Ukulele over the last few years got on my nerves to be honest. Everywhere you go, someone pulled out an Ukulele to demonstrate their talent and then expect for everyone around them to praise them and clap themselves into ecstasy. Not me though. Instead of a drum roll they got an […]

  • Marshall Tour Fridge

    If your papa is a rolling stone, then this fridge is clearly for you! This fridge looks like a Marshall amplifier, with buttons, mesh and all. But little do people know who are not in on the secret, it’s a fridge, providing cold beer for before, during or after the concert. Besides on the stage […]

  • Super Cool SPOCK Wireless Earbuds

    Spock, is calling! How do you answer the call? With these Vulcan themed wireless earbuds, of course. And there is no other allowed way, did you hear me. Oh you did – of course … with this huge ears you must hear everything. So as a hardcore Star Trek Fan, would you where those out […]