Make Money Online In 2016 With Niume

Make Money Online 2016

Are you also always looking for new ways to make money online in 2016? Since my online career which started I think 2005, I’ve tried so many different things to increase my income. And I stick now with the obvious ones but once in a while I try something new.

Today I would like to introduce you to Niume, it’s basically a blogging platform (a very smooth one) which awards with real cash for writing little blog articles. They only require you to write 5 lines and that’s it! To be honest I haven’t put in too much effort but I made a whooping $0.15 cents since October 12th 2016 with almost zero effort.

Niume Revenue

It doesn’t sound like much but I feel like this platform is going somewhere and I do plan to see how far Niume can take me.

Make Money Online – Here Is the Deal

If you sign up through THIS LINK you’ll receive 1 full dollar right away as a welcome bonus.

And if you’re curious check out my Niume profile via the link.

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