Best places for American expats – The Post Election 2016 Edition

Best places for American expats

Everyone who is just thinking to just sit the next 4 years out, is wrong. These result has a much bigger impact than you think. Especially since “he” probably is able to chose two supreme court judges. Just this is going to have an impact on your life for years to come. Did you start looking around for the best places for American expats?

Planning on moving to Canada? Why, it’s freakin’ cold there and expensive. So why not move to Spain? The country is in big demand for IT specialists. And may I suggest Valencia to you. Here we always have great weather, the city is just gorgeous, people are nice and the food … oh the food.

Best places for American expats – Valencia, Spain

We’ve been living in Valencia now for over 8 years and we’re loving it. But see for yourself on our Valencia Travel Blog.

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