Alternative To Netflix’s new “like”-rating system

Netflix Rating Alternative

Now it’s just a thumbs up or down to determinant if you liked a movie or a TV show or not. And there is nothing in between. Black and white, hot and cold. That’s what life is! Nope it’s not. And based on that it’s nearly impossible to give anyone recommendations.

There’s definitely a target group for this simplified rating system, people who don’t give a or not willing to invest the time to actually think for a moment how they feel about what they just watched.

But good news is, there is Criticker, the independent movie and TV show recommendation engine. You can rank from 1-100 or you can come up with your own rating system. After ranking couple of movies Criticker is able to nail and predict your taste!

Give it a Try!

Update #1

There is now a collection of movies and TV show titles of Netflix USA on Criticker. There yo can sort by release type, category and then order it by PSI, so your top recommendations are on top of the list!

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