Android Phone Overheating And Battery Drainage

Battery Drainage

At Your Own Risk!

I have the One Plus One Phone and I’m in general happy with the phone but over the last couple of month I noticed that my phone is getting hotter and hotter, especially around the camera and the battery is draining faster and faster. Now towards the end, the phone got almost boiling hot and the battery only lasted 4 hours! WHAAT!

Now as you can see in the picture above, I managed to fix that problem and my phone runs faster than ever and the battery lasts over a day now.

How did I do that?

First I went to the battery settings and the biggest electricity drainer was Google Apps and Google Services! The bad boys! So I cleared the cache of Google Apps and force stopped it. Then disabled it (I don’t want Google Now if it means that it drains my batteries!) Then I downloaded Gfix App and followed the instruction.

Then I went through the list of all of my running apps and modified the apps to either not start automatically.

Now I have a usable phone again!

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