Facebook Is Dead, And What I’m Excited About Now

SOL AI Social Platform

As a content creator, I have lost almost all interest in Facebook. Mike and I have spent years uploading photos and videos, producing mountains of original content… and yet who benefits? Only Facebook. They’ve repaid all our effort by keeping all the profits. And recently, we can’t even depend upon them to show updates to our followers. Instead, they keep bugging us to pay money to boost our posts.
It’s the final straw. Why should we pay to show our content to the people who have chosen to follow us? So that Facebook can guarantee a bigger profit for its shareholders?!
That’s why discovering the existence of social platforms based on the blockchain has been so exciting. The general idea is that all revenues go to both the people sharing content, and the people doing the sharing. It’s actually social, and rewards the people who make the network grow, both actively and passively.
For now, I’ve signed up for two, which seem to be the main ones:
One of the best social apps I’ve used in a long time. It’s a mix between Twitter, Instagram and Tinder. It’s easy to use and you’re prevented from oversharing by the concept of Activity Points, of which you only get a set amount per day. It makes you think twice before posting, commenting or liking.
A more established platform. The community is much more strict, so it’s not easy to break through. But for starting a blog or start your own community it’s a great and powerful platform.
Please check out our new social networking profiles! We haven’t been this excited about social networking for years, and really believe this could be the wave of the future. If you have any kind of question, feel free to ask. Hope to see you there!

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