Steemmonsters The New Game On The Blockchain


It’s time to drown some Cryptokitties and make room for @steemmonsters . Don’t get me wrong, I will be for always grateful to the makers of these digital kittens. But it was time to auction off my Cryptokitties and buy Steemmonster cards instead.

The new crpyto blockchain game has so much more potential, since they’re using Steemit (created by @ned) for their transactions, which doesn’t result in fees to participate in this games and transactions are almost instantly. Another huge benefit. Cryptokitties was very limited in what you can actually do with those kittens, you can buy them, breed them and auction them off. Steemmonsters takes it further and I can even see them creating an entire video game based on their idea.

So you start with buying a starter pack for $5, this will give you the required 15 cards to participate in the upcoming tournaments. Now you can strengthen your team by purchasing booster packs for $2. Or can start trading via their discord page or you can auction them off via @steembay. Also keep in mind that the current starter pack contains the first edition of cards which has a value on its own in case Steemmonsters goes mainstream.

But I’m mostly excited about the up to 10 daily tournaments with cash SBD / STEEM prices or cards and packs. But I’m mostly excited about the promised upvotes you could receive for your content on Steemit itself. This totally blows my mind. I also like that if you loose in a tournament it won’t damage your cards but they will gain experience points which will make them stronger.

Another aspect I love, are the possibilities of forming guilds and fight with your buddies to succeed in the tournaments.

I strongly believe that Steemmonsters will make blockchain mainstream, so get onto the game early! And if you’re interested in starting a Random Good Stuff guild, please let me know. Want to buy your first pack? Head over to .

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