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  • How To Give A Baby An Injection?

    The distraction tactics of the doctor to give the baby two injections is just too adorable. And I really wish doctors would do that with adults too. I’m not too afraid of them and I can handle but imagine how much more fun it would be. Rumpadum Dum Dum, Rump Rump and before you notice […]

  • Babies Stand Straight Up: The Baby Whisperer

    We all heard of a horse or even dog whisperer but what? A baby whisper. He’s teaching parents a spine strengthening technique they can do with their babies to make them stand on his palm or a cork board. Other doctors are very surprised that he’s able to stimulate their baby spines like that. See […]

  • Shaving Off That Beard And Reactions Videos

    Movember has already started (I know it’s for a good cause) but with these videos I want to show the hairy and brave that there’s also a light at the end of the tunnel. Thinking of shaving off that beard already? Please stay strong. Out of personal not so bushy experience it can be scratchy […]

  • High Tech Baby Bathtub

    High Tech Baby Bathtub

    There’s is no “normal” parent who wants to have baby soup. This high tech baby tub will make sure that your baby is not turned into a stew. It sounds harsh but these hot water baby accidents do happen every single year. Anti Baby Soup – High Tech Baby Bathtub Of course you could just […]