Shaving Off That Beard And Reactions Videos

Shaving Off That Beard

Movember has already started (I know it’s for a good cause) but with these videos I want to show the hairy and brave that there’s also a light at the end of the tunnel. Thinking of shaving off that beard already? Please stay strong. Out of personal not so bushy experience it can be scratchy and itchy and hopefully not so stinky. But once November is over you can go ahead and shave it off if you like. You might not get a crazy reaction out of your family and friends like in some videos below. But some of those dudes had their beard forever and people either forgot their real faces or never have seen them without a beard before.

Shaving Off That Beard? Count Down!

Now while you watch the videos it’s all good if you scratch your beard and if you’re already antsy to get rid of it here is some beard grooming gear for your dreams tonight.


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