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  • Tomato Soup Can Light

    With this Tomato Soup Can Light I would be way to nervous that some soup will drip out and ruin all of my fancy, laced table cloths. Haha, of course this light won’t have any soup inside. It’s more like a homage to the Campbell’s Soup cans. So iconic that very kid knows about them. […]

  • DIY Bearded Winter Hats

    DIY Bearded Winter Hats

    You’ve heard it before and probably not from me, but winter is in fact coming. Well at least for citizens of the earth north of the equator. These bearded winter hats are still in fashion and you can DIY them. Put them on and feel all bearded. It looks great on kids, women and even […]

  • DIY iPhone Airplane Holder

    DIY iPhone Airplane Holder

    Yes, you can also use the airplane puke bag to hold other phones as well. Flip-phones maybe not so much but honestly any smartphone would fit as long as it fits horizontally in an airplane puke bag. But please, keep in mind in case you do fly through some turbulence that you can’t use the […]

  • DIY Diamonds – Grow Your Own

    DIY Diamonds – Grow Your Own

    What: Perfect single-crystal diy diamonds of more than two carats (the average engagement ring is less than a carat) churned out in a day. Scientists create the gemstones using a process called chemical vapor deposition (CVD), which grows diamond crystals one carbon atom at a time. Read more LINK –1 Dollar Jewelry DIY Diamonds Facts […]