DIY iPhone Airplane Holder

Barf Bag Phone HolderDIY iPhone Holder

Yes, you can also use the airplane puke bag to hold other phones as well. Flip-phones maybe not so much but honestly any smartphone would fit as long as it fits horizontally in an airplane puke bag. But please, keep in mind in case you do fly through some turbulence that you can’t use the bag because it is now your DIY iPhone Airplane Holder. And it won’t hold your puke that well anymore. Plus your phone is going to be ruined.

DIY iPhone Airplane Holder Give Your You Business Class Feel

With this DIY bag phone holder you can bring the business class feel straight to your economy class seat. And when you sit in business class use this hack to bring first class to your business class cabin. It’s that easy. Or forget watching anything on your phone entirely but instead read up about some exciting travel destinations.

Phone Holder Bag


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