Drink Only Rainbow Cocktails

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The cocktail layering tool is called “Final Touch” emm! The way it makes cocktails look and if the do taste good it won’t be my last! I think once you go Rainbow you can never go back. It looks like it would take practice and time but seeing the end …

How To Find All Free eBooks On Amazon?

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Now you know why it has been so quiet on the blog lately. We’ve been working on a brand new website. It’s similar in function to our Lastminute Auction site, and kind of looks the same as well. Without further ado, here is our new baby: FreebookSifter.com. …

Slide Door Colander

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Who needs a plate … straight into the mouth!
Prevent spills and messes with the Trap Door Colander! The Farberware Trap Door Colander features 2 trap doors that open by pulling on the levers located just below the colander handles. Your food will fall directly into the bowl or serving dish …

Travel Axe

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Great handy tool when being out in the woods.
The Mo-Tool Axe is quite possibly the handsomest multitool in your zombie survival arsenal. It’s an axe, hammer, wrench, knife, can opener, wire cutter, file, and pliers all in one. There’s even a handsome handcrafted red oak handle that’ll look even better …

Chocolate Tools – Wrenchy

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Las week we went for our first long road trip since we have been on Sicily. We went to the fantastic town of Syracuse stayed over night and then went to the baroque gem Noto. We only have been gone out of Palermo for 36 hours but the amount of …

Puzzle Game: Factory Balls 4

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This game just doesn’t get old. You get pattern on a ball and you have to clone it. Use different colors and tools to produce an identical looking ball. Messed up? No problem, just drag the ball into the recycling bin and start over. Ach, this is almost as good …

Micro Tool Keychain

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What happens when people are not using keys anymore? What? No more keychains anymore? Well with this little awesomeness you can be the handy crafty superhero of your neighborhood.
The Micro-Plus EX 9-in-1 Key Ring Tool is a lightweight, pocket-sized, key-ring tool kit that includes pliers, wire cutter, wire stripper, wire …

Working Pants for the Lazy Stud

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Yeah, honey! I have been working all day, can’t you see I’m wearing my “working” pants. Now, may I rest and get a beer, I totally deserved it … NOT! Cleverly printed with a photorealistic set of tools, gadgets and a tough leather toolbelt, these soft lounge pants are just …

Tube Wringer

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Looks retro and chic and does good things.
Squeeze up to 35% more out of your household supplies with this forearm and time-saving device designed to make tubes good to the last drop. Squeezing out the last bit of toothpaste can be an unwelcome, time-consuming endeavor, especially when you’re running late …

Meet the Modular Spatula

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This is the kitchen spatula of the feature. Hold on for a second, it’s already available to purchase. So it’s the spatula you must have.
Click ’n Cook is a modular spatula system that keeps all your essential utensils in one easy place. The set features a storage block, a sturdy …

The Lord of the Christmas Lights Vest

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Can’t wait – Christmas in Savannah – no snow, great old houses covered in blinking LEDs (I hope). And making sure that there can be even more Christmas lights installed in a shorter time for more Christmas Time Blinky LED pleasures … please consider this vest.
Designed and used by …

Finger Brush Painting

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Edward Scissorhands would like these – especially after seeing minute 0:50 in the video below.
Japan is of course a place with a strong culture of calligraphy so it’s no surprises that it has given birth to some fantastic innovations in brushes. The Popcorn Yubi Fude is a "finger brush" …

Animal Cheese Grader

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Add additional flavor by rubbing you heels over it and apply shredding to your dish… Hmmmmm!
The little hedgehog is the perfect symbiosis of design, function and feeling – and an attractive addition to any table or kitchen. The ideal accessory for everyone who loves to cook and is devoted …

Rolling Cookie Cutter

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The rolling cookie cutter won’t cut the cheese unless it’s the sliced kind.
Create perfect cookies in half the time. The new rolling cookie cutter makes it effortless to create 2 3/4" cookie circles in one forward rolling motion. Simply press, roll and lift! Transforms dough into dozens of perfect …

Weed Chopping Golf Club

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Will it also trim nose hair?
This is the golf driver with a built-in grass trimmer, ideal for surreptitiously improving one’s lie. Destined for use by friendly foursomes that often find themselves in the rough, the club looks like an oversized driver that fits into any golf bag, yet a …

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