Silly Japanese Front Bangs Comb Cutting System

Hair Bangs Cutting System

It might be silly but I guess there is a use for it. And I’m also wondering if this comb can be used to cut other body hair in difficult to reach corners. Of course this gadgets come from Japan! There was no doubt about that at all.

You just need to separate the part you want to cut with pins or hair clips, position the Maegami Choichoi, and, well, cut. Its comb part with the uneven teeth will help cut the hair naturally and its see-through pocket will allow you to see what you are doing and collect all the cut strands of hair. Simple and practical, this is a gadget that will become part of your regular beauty routine and not just for yourself: it can also help you can save a lot on children’s haircuts!

Buy it here: Front Bangs Comb Cutting System

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