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  • Unique Japanese Samurai Scissors

    You just never know when you have to defend your honor, it could be right when you’re working on a paper craft project and then it happens. Someone insults you – no Samurai sword around? But luckily you got your Japanese Samurai Scissors and the the honor of your family has been can be defended. […]

  • How To Detect Stinky Armpits

    I would say the easiest, fastest and cheapest way to detect if you have stinky armpits is by lifting up your arm to take a sniff off the armpit in question. Voila, if it stinks you got stinky armpits. But Japanese of course would never sniff armpits in public, so they have a detector for […]

  • Order Clear Coca Cola From Japan

    For some reason I can’t deny this feeling that Coco Cola just forgot to add the artificial coloring and is trying to get rid of the messed up badge. But then on the other hand this makes an incredible collectors items and I can see scoring one of those Coca Cola Clear bottle would be […]

  • Silly Japanese Front Bangs Comb Cutting System

    Silly Japanese Front Bangs Comb Cutting System

    It might be silly but I guess there is a use for it. And I’m also wondering if this comb can be used to cut other body hair in difficult to reach corners. Of course this gadgets come from Japan! There was no doubt about that at all. You just need to separate the part […]

  • The Weirdest Candy Is From Japan

    Japan has a super interesting food culture, probably one of the most interesting in the entire world. I love me some Ramen, Udon and Soba. But the strangest thing we encountered are these little cancer candy sets you can buy. I honestly can’t believe that this even exists – processed food but you as the […]

  • Yummy Food We Ate In Tokyo

    Yummy Food We Ate In Tokyo

    Living costs in Tokyo are kind of weird. It’s very expensive to live and to get around but luckily eating out isn’t that expensive. So that’s what we did during our 3 month in Tokyo, eat out a lot! Yummy Food We Ate In Tokyo is easy to encounter and Ramen is the food I […]

  • Tokyo The Crazy, Unexpected & Weird

    Our stay Tokyo is a while back but since we’re taking a break from traveling I finally have some time to go through all the video footage I took in those 3 month. And seeing some of this footage underlines what I always thought of this city: Tokyo The Crazy, Unexpected & Weird And that’s […]

  • 3 Month In Tokyo In A 10 Minute Video

    Tokyo wore us out but at the same time we loved every second of our 91 Days in this mega city. Every day we would leave our super tiny apartment right after rush hour (since we didn’t feel like traveling like sardines) and went to see something and then spend the rest of the day […]

  • 3D Foam Pen Printer

    You got 3 guesses to guess from what country this 3D Foam Pen Printer is coming from. I think you guessed it right, JAPAN of course. It’s not a long lasting like creation what you would make with a regular 3D printing pen. 3D Foam Pen Printer Creatures Is Not Forever The things you’ll be […]