3D Foam Pen Printer

3D Foam Pen Printer

You got 3 guesses to guess from what country this 3D Foam Pen Printer is coming from. I think you guessed it right, JAPAN of course. It’s not a long lasting like creation what you would make with a regular 3D printing pen.

3D Foam Pen Printer Creatures Is Not Forever

The things you’ll be creating with the pen won’t last forever but that has it’s good side too because eventually you’ll run out of room storing your art pieces. This won’t happen with the foamer, even if you bubbled up a hundred foam cats. Eventually their bubbles will burst and nothing will be left.

Fun fact, the pen is not waterproof! So you can’t use it in a bathtub or under the shower.

Buy it here: 3D Foam Pen Printer

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