Category: Gifts

  • Strangest iPhone Case: The Spray Bottle

    This must be the strangest iPhone Case ever, a case in a form of a spray bottle. The question is why would anyone want to dress up their iPhones in a spray bottle? But apparently there is a market for it, otherwise they would not produce this kind of case. I took a closer look […]

  • Giant Illuminated Light Peg Board

    Maybe nothing for a kids room but I can totally see this giant illuminated light peg board to be used in a cool start-up office or at a conference or convention (@steemfest). Or inside of a shop window display for advertisement. Or for therapy work to build a feeling of community within a group, accomplishing […]

  • Construction Worker Folding Wood Ruler Puzzle

    I was extremely fascinated with these wooden, folding rulers. I loved extending them in different ways, fully extending them and building little constructions with it. I had a blast and yes, I was super easy to entertain as a kid (things changed though). Now I could starting to play with this ruler puzzle again without […]

  • Crazy Cat? Tin Foil Hat!

    Is your cat crazy and insane? Are you assuming that your cat is communicating with aliens? Then you should wear one of those tin foil hats as well, seriously. You and and your cat will be wearing tin foil hats in partner look and yes I do encourage you to take your leashed up cat […]

  • Popek – The Pooping Pink Balloon Dog

    I feel simultaneously amused and ashamed for liking this pooping, pink, balloon dog sculpture so much. The little touch of the balloon ending of the pile of poop just cracks me. Am I the only one liking it or am I just easily amused? But there are limits though, for example I would never, EVER […]

  • Unique Japanese Samurai Scissors

    You just never know when you have to defend your honor, it could be right when you’re working on a paper craft project and then it happens. Someone insults you – no Samurai sword around? But luckily you got your Japanese Samurai Scissors and the the honor of your family has been can be defended. […]

  • Drink Your Beer From An Ice Mug

    Do you like your beer ice, ice cold? Then the Ice Mug Mold is for you! But there are some things you should pay attention to. You need cloves with spikes otherwise you’ll get freezer burn on your hands and without spikes the mug would just slip out of your grip. And you need to […]

  • The One And Only Coffee Smell Alarm Clock

    There is something with mornings and the smell of coffee. Just the scent of it wakes you right up. This probably was the though of the makers of the first one and only coffee scent alarm clock. Instead of an alarm sound the smell of coffee will awaken you from your slumber. You can also […]

  • Balloon Ceiling And Wall Lamps = Cool!

    What a fun design idea for a lamp, beautiful balloons in different colors which come as a ceiling or wall lamp. No need to blow them up and they can’t pop. If you drop them or don’t install them correctly they will shatter, no question about that. And it’s clever too, just look at that […]