Drink Your Beer From An Ice Mug

Frosty Ice Mug

Do you like your beer ice, ice cold? Then the Ice Mug Mold is for you! But there are some things you should pay attention to. You need cloves with spikes otherwise you’ll get freezer burn on your hands and without spikes the mug would just slip out of your grip. And you need to drink your beer fast, otherwise the mug will melt away. Give me that mug and I can deal with the clove – I need any reason to chug my beer.

From the product page:

Simply fill the mold with water and freeze to create a giant ice cube that is shaped into a mug. Pour in your desired drink to enjoy an ice cold beverage. Just don’t take too long drinking as your mug will melt way! But something tells us that you don’t need prompting to drink your tasty adult beverage quickly.

Buy it here: Beer Ice Mug

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