Shadow Man Walking Gif And Other Musings

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Do you know that feeling! You are alone walking, nobody is around. But you still feel like someone or something is following you. Now this give kind of expresses that feeling but worse, it’s all messed up. It’s creeping me kind of out! Really would like to know how this …

Blowing CD Bubbles

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Now at least your old CDs have a new purpose. Not sure when it was the last time I listened a CD. Everything I own and listen too is digital. I really would like to try out spotify, since to me that makes the most sense buying music online. Buying …

Simple Motion Online Game

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I know you have been waiting for this kind of game. You are in your office right now and Friday or let’s just say the weekend is very near. All the work has been done and your work-mates annoy you to death. You just want to escape into a bubble …

Hanger 2: Bloody Online Game

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Fine, this game is fun and all. Yes making sure that your little hang-man makes it safe to the next level is one way to play this game. I prefer the bloody version, which is to get him to the end of the level with the minimum amount of body …

Happy New Gifs Day: Flabber Face Says Hello

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Oh .. I can almost smell the year of the Dragon. It’s right around the corner. Right in the moment when the clock hits midnight tomorrow I want to make this face and you should too. For good luck, health and money stuff. Will it work? Who knows? So what …

LOL Pictures: Beer Belly Art

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Now I call this art, a detached beer belly. It looks so attractive I want to lick out the belly button and bounce on it while I have a beer. And one I’m done bouncing I want to hug it and snuggle all night long. Ach ja, I love modern …

Bripitol Online Game

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Itchy click finger and don’t know how to satisfy it? I can help you. Check this fast pace online click game called Bripitol. Line up circles of the same kind and click it, which makes them disappear. You can choose from three different game modes and they are all fun. …

Funniest Video on the Internet Ever!?

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This video with over 9 million views claims to be the funniest video on the Internet. Yeah funny and all but is that really the funniest one? So I started this funniest video blog entry and will be constantly updating it with your submission. Got a funnier video? Share with …

Peelable Ice Cream Popcicle

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If you believe it or not, this is a peelable popcicle. At first you take a small bite from the top, then your can peel down the four sites before you can suck on that juicy, yummy lucking ice treat. As far as I can tell from the the pics, …

Coolest Science Teacher Ever

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Where were cool teachers like this when I went to school. I watched the full 18 minutes like being under the influence of a spell. It was just too funny and fascinating watching him. I’m going to buy all of his books and follow him like groupie but just in …

Totally Skier Controlled

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Totally skier controlled what? A boat of course, duh!
This is the unmanned water skiing boat that’s controlled entirely by the skier. A six-button control panel on the tow rope handle sends signals to the boat, allowing skiers to start, accelerate, decelerate, turn, or stop the vessel with slight thumb movements. …

TV: Community is better than Modern Family

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I got the first season of Community as a birthday present and I’m loving. After a little research I found out that this show doesn’t get the credit it deservers. Everyone loves “Modern Family” awards and prices here and there. In my opinion Modern Family sucks because of the gay …

Water Machine Gun

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This gun is a real killer.
As any seasoned aqua-combatant will already know, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with taking it seriously – it’s all in the name of fun. With that in mind, we present the latest in rapid-fire water pistol technology, the AK-47 Aqua Fire. Dispersing a pretty-darn-impressive four …

Baby Dance Dance Revolution

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Funny Father & Baby – The most amazing bloopers are here

Prepare your kids early for the traffic chaos in the future as soon as you can. Stop & Go!
– Nicholas Cage as Superman?

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