Hand Made Knitted Brain Hat

Brain Hat

Knitted Brain Hat

Dude, you can’t imagine how I felt when I found out these were handmade and not axe or machete made. Phew! Someone dodged that bullet and didn’t get their skull open, so someone can sell brain hats. I have faith in humanity again. Too bad it’s one of the hottest summers in a while in Europe otherwise I would order one right now and wear it proudly. I hope I remember those before winter comes, please remind me if I forget.

From the product page:

– Unique Brain Design
– Handmade From Acrylic Yarn, Warm And Comfortable
– Circumference: 22-24″, Made to Fit Average Adult head
– Durable, Unique Gift for Science Marches
– Package Includes: 1 x Brain Knitted Hat

Buy it here: Brain Hat

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