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21 December 2014

Sushi Socks No Soya Sauce

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The sock sushi look extremely yummy, I have to admit but now I can’t help but think about people with a sock fetish and LOVE sushi …. this must be a feast!

The colorful leg wear fit almost all sizes and are based on actual popular sushi. This is a set …

19 December 2014

FU Rain Umbrella

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I know that rain is important and stuff … but I can’t stand it! Give the rain the finger (or anyone for that matter) with this graphic umbrella by Moscow studio Art Lebedev. Wondering why you got stopped by the police for the fifth time today, my guess you took …

19 December 2014

Exhaust Pipe Docking Station

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I call this great recycling! Take old exhaust pipes, bend them, polish them and add some tech and done. You are good to nature and probably get rich. It’s a win – win situation. With the right apartment these phone docking stations could actually look pretty good.
Check them out: Ixoost …

17 December 2014

Bubble Hourglass

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I kind of feel sad for the trapped bubbles. They will will experience freedom!

As with a regular hourglass, the glass is hand-blown by skilled craftsmen, but here the sand is replaced by bubbles formed by specially formulated soap-water passing through the constriction in the middle.
More info: Bubble Hourglass
-1 Hour …

14 December 2014

Future Fossils – Relicts From the 70ies and 80ies

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Buy it here: Instant Camera Fossil
My nieces and nephew have no Idea what any of these are! Oh man, kind makes me feel old!

Inspired by a transitory nature of even our most beloved gadgets, artist Jeff Klarin hand casts each camera sculpture and ages them to achieve the look of …

13 December 2014

Desk Lamp Candle Holder

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Combination of modern and olden days. I like it.

The holder’s fixed neck keeps a candle level, two flexible spring-loaded tension joints adjust to any position up to 24″ H, and its weighted base provides stability, providing an ambient glow ideal for studying a manuscript or telling tales.
More info: Desk …

8 December 2014

Blinky Winky Bag

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Ready or not here it winks!!!!

Get ready to strut your stuff with this Hi-Di-Hi 3D Aqua & Dark Purple Winky Crossbody Travel Bag! Every time you take a step on your next adventure, a stunning green eye in hologram will give you and all those around you a flirty wink.
More …

8 December 2014

Hip Hop Kids In Miami

Post Thumbnail of Hip Hop Kids In Miami

This is a video I uploaded a while back to Youtube during a short visit to South Beach but haven’t gotten around to post it on RGS.
You never know what you see while taking a walk on Ocean Drive. And on that day I wasn’t disappointed yet again. Group …

4 December 2014

How To Take A Donut Selfie?

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Now, I’m not a big of selfies and all but I have seen many out in the wild who are. So I wanted to share this tutorial on how to take a Donut Selfie. Which takes the whole Selfie thing on to a new level, including nice slow-motion when your …

29 November 2014

Making Money By Selling on Fine Art America

Post Thumbnail of Making Money By Selling on Fine Art America

To give a quick answer: YES! I have been with them for 1 1/2 years and sold 9 photographs in total and made about 260 USD off it!!! Not bad at all and feels good when you know that someone is appreciating your work and willing to hang it at …

29 November 2014

A Lettuce Umbrella

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It looks so realistic I want to put some dressing over it!

Of course, Japan is famous for its “fake food” restaurant displays and having a general obsession with cuisine. Perhaps it’s only natural then that Yurie Mano came up with a salad-like way to keep off the rain. Folded up …

26 November 2014

Strange Monkeys In A Banana Boat Salt And Pepper Shaker

Post Thumbnail of Strange Monkeys In A Banana Boat Salt And Pepper Shaker

Not adding anything else further except for the google translation text on the website of the German company selling these:

Go for the ape strong spice-drive on your table! The Banana Bros accelerator – salt and pepper your food in an original way. The two brothers cheeky monkeys can be easily …

25 November 2014

Smartphone Paper Projector

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It’s not going to be in HD but I love the idea!

The Smartphone Projector 2.0 will allow you to transform your smartphone into a cinema experience. Featuring a silicone grip that will securely hold you phone in place, the projector for smartphones has an 8 x magnification lens and adjustable …

22 November 2014

Over 70 Ugly Christmas Sweaters

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It’s not me who categorized these sweaters as “ugly” it was Neatoshop. I think some are exremely cool and I would actually wear them (for Christmas). For example I love the Never Ending Christmas, I Dig Christmas,Stitch in Time ones. Love the stitch look on them and I bet …

20 November 2014

Bulbing Skull Lamp

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Woah .. this looks so cool. Want it! Or to decorate for Halloween in a minimalist way.
This captivating LED lamp is made out of a thin sheet of acrylic glass, which is known for its light transmitting properties, laser engraved with lines that suggest three dimensionality. When inserted into the …

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