Balloon Ceiling And Wall Lamps = Cool!

Balloon Lamps

Balloon Wall Lamp

What a fun design idea for a lamp, beautiful balloons in different colors which come as a ceiling or wall lamp. No need to blow them up and they can’t pop. If you drop them or don’t install them correctly they will shatter, no question about that. And it’s clever too, just look at that string. One pull the lamp is on and another pull and the lamp is off. Just don’t pull to hard to or the lamp will fall and …. well see above! Made in the Czech Republic.

From the product page:

The hand-blown glass fixture is accompanied by a cord that serves as the on/off switch and imitates a string tied to a balloon. These fun lights are reminiscent of childhood and are sure to add a playful energy to any room.

But Them Here: Ceiling Balloon Lamp / Wall Balloon Lamp

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