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  • Construction Worker Folding Wood Ruler Puzzle

    I was extremely fascinated with these wooden, folding rulers. I loved extending them in different ways, fully extending them and building little constructions with it. I had a blast and yes, I was super easy to entertain as a kid (things changed though). Now I could starting to play with this ruler puzzle again without […]

  • Unique Japanese Samurai Scissors

    You just never know when you have to defend your honor, it could be right when you’re working on a paper craft project and then it happens. Someone insults you – no Samurai sword around? But luckily you got your Japanese Samurai Scissors and the the honor of your family has been can be defended. […]

  • Balloon Ceiling And Wall Lamps = Cool!

    What a fun design idea for a lamp, beautiful balloons in different colors which come as a ceiling or wall lamp. No need to blow them up and they can’t pop. If you drop them or don’t install them correctly they will shatter, no question about that. And it’s clever too, just look at that […]

  • Marshall Tour Fridge

    If your papa is a rolling stone, then this fridge is clearly for you! This fridge looks like a Marshall amplifier, with buttons, mesh and all. But little do people know who are not in on the secret, it’s a fridge, providing cold beer for before, during or after the concert. Besides on the stage […]

  • Super Cool SPOCK Wireless Earbuds

    Spock, is calling! How do you answer the call? With these Vulcan themed wireless earbuds, of course. And there is no other allowed way, did you hear me. Oh you did – of course … with this huge ears you must hear everything. So as a hardcore Star Trek Fan, would you where those out […]

  • MUST HAVE: Floating Wine Glasses

    Where were these when we went on our last beach vacation? But on the other hand maybe it’s better not to have these floating wine glasses with you, otherwise the vacation turns into a boozecation. A vacation should be there to relax and have fun (and drink a little bit) but with these glasses I […]

  • Cute Sheep Pin Holder

    What a clever and cute way to store pins. I do feel a bit bad about the sheep but I think the sheep should see it more like a free acupuncture treatment, for it’s aching back. Jokes aside, this would look cool in every office but make sure to place the pin back otherwise loosing […]

  • Corn On The Cob Baseball Bat Holders

    I love products when they bring true value to something or make a thing easier. Eating corn on the cob is not the easiest and will leave you with greasy fingers (especially if the corn was well buttered, the way it should be). This baseball bat corn holders are one of the coolest things I’ve […]

  • Walking Barefoot In Grass Flip-Flops

    Walking barefoot is so healthy but if you’re living in a city it’s not that easy, can be gross or could even harm your health. Now you got them greens under your toes wherever you walk with this Grass Flip-Flops! All plastic of course so you don’t have to water these “shoes” but definitely a […]