Construction Worker Folding Wood Ruler Puzzle

Measure Tape Puzzle

I was extremely fascinated with these wooden, folding rulers. I loved extending them in different ways, fully extending them and building little constructions with it. I had a blast and yes, I was super easy to entertain as a kid (things changed though). Now I could starting to play with this ruler puzzle again without embarrassing myself in public. Match the ruler’s nobs with the 42 two holes on the board. I you’re good in math, that helps

From the product page:

If you’re looking for a fun physical activity to stimulate your brain, this puzzle from the mind of Jean Claude Constantin may just be the answer. Made with wood and acrylic, it ships in a plywood box that makes for a striking presentation if you’re gifting it to someone. Just don’t be surprised if they’re cursing you the next day.

Buy it here: Construction Worker Folding Wood Ruler Puzzle

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